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Launched by Time Communications consulting firm Social Commun, the Social Demain Program gives the 50 members of Promo ‘2022 “to share their experiences and reflect on the future of social relationships by confronting their seniors”. Here is the list of winners.

Social tomorrow 2022 edition: the list of 50 profiles engaged – © DR

To identify a new generation of young people under the age of 35 who are able to question the model and the boundaries of society in order to reinvent it “outside the walls”, this is the purpose of social tomorrow.

That third promotion of “50 who matter” was presented on December 9, 2021 in Paris. The program has been launched since January 2022 with:

  • A unique query in the form of a questionnaire sent to everyone and then a telephone interview;
  • A collective exchange in the form of a meeting that makes it possible to restore the synthesis of the interviews;
  • Training or discussion meetings with senior professionals and personalities from civil society or the institutional world at video conferencing.

This promotion of young people born after 1986 “together reflects for six months the duration and changes of the social question, so that from this training of” generational peers “individuals who are able to question the established social and participate in its reinvention. .

“Some have already performed, have begun to perform or show a desire to perform actions or innovations in social affairs”, states Denis Maillard and Philippe Campinchifounders of the labor market consulting firm Common Time in the origins of the Social Tomorrow system.

Issue 2022: The Promo of 50

  • Sophia Agoumi (34 years): Director of Social Strategy for the SNCF Group. Adviser to the Office of the Minister of Labor (2012 to 2017). Former chairman of the student association PROGRES.
  • Mounir Bouabdellah (27 years old): Graduate Marketing program within the L’Oréal group. Chairman of the ESS Factory Association. Organizer of Dictée Voltaire. Award winner from the Department of Engagement.
  • Milena Aimé (30 years): Solidarity project manager in Tours City. Formerly employed by Kodiko, an association that supports refugees through an employee-refugee mentoring program.
  • Juliette Censi (31 years): Lawyer in employment law, partner in FARHO law firm. Network of Fage alumni association.
  • Anthony Ali (35): Chief of Staff of the President of Mutualité Française. Volunteer in social and cultural center and in public education. Former trade unionist and student mutualist.
  • Gaëtan Congar (29 years): Member of the Board of the Croix-Rouge Insertion and Croix-Rouge – Nexem Innovation. Selected CSE at Klaxoon.
  • Amelie Auberd Plard (32 years old): Anthropologist, “researcher involved”. Employed in the Danone group and young physician at the Laboratory of Ethnology and Comparative Sociology (CNRS -Nanterre).
  • Marien Creuzet (32 years): Communications Director and member of Comex in SOS Group, “Europe’s leading social enterprise”. Author of Body Under Influence.
  • Charlene Benguigui (25 years): HR Project Manager and Health, RPS and Diversity Referent at Lidl France. Responsible for event functions within the office of the association EM-Lyon for women.
  • Josephine de Leusse (25 years): Co-founder and president of m-work, a start-up that supports companies in the organization of telework with maintaining social ties and benefiting from good working conditions.
  • Line Bobi (29 years): Head of Mission of MACIF (Mutual Insurance Company) and President of CJDES (Network of Young People and Leaders Committed to SSE).
  • Maxence Deguilhem (26 years): Responsible for social relations in the department for social dialogue in the EDF group. Former President of the Association of Students at the Master 2 Law and Practice of Labor Relations (2019).
  • Lorene do Casal (26 years old): Legal manager at SECI-Unsa. Member of the Collectif Mode d’Emploi in matters of labor law, economics, employment and social affairs.
  • Yoan Guerin (34 years): Director of Alpha Groups Studies & Data Center and Mission Manager at Secafi on expert missions via inquiries from IRPs and / or management.
  • Gabrielle Dorey (35 years): Employee of the UN program to stop violence against women and girls, Spotlight Initiative. Co-chair of the Collective for Feminist Parenthood (PAF).
  • Mathieu Guibard (34 years): Head of the National Employment Fund mission of the DGEFP. Volunteer at Yes You Can.
  • Pauline Dubar (35 years): Nurse for 12 years and sophrologist. Candidate on Xavier Bertrand’s list for the regional elections in 2021. Member of the think tank HEIP Paris on public health issues.
  • Guillaume Haj Hussein (33 years): Involved in Nos Quartiers ont des Talents as leader of the association’s alumni network project. Former student VP of the University of Lorraine.
  • Hakim Elhadouchi (34 years): President of Tesslab, an initiative aimed at developing the employability of young people from working class backgrounds through soft skills (self-knowledge, communication, networking).
  • Boris Jaros (29 years): French-German, “passionate European”, director of the Banque de France, teacher and chairman of the Collective for European Civic Service.
  • Laetitia Flamard (32 years old): Consultant at Didaction and researcher in building health-work connections in connection with changes in work and new forms of organization.
  • Aissatou Kebe (33 years old): Federal Secretary of the Association of CFDT Services with responsibility for legal issues, monitoring and support to the teams. Volunteer at Handicap international and A2Mains.
  • Kevin Gaillardet (34 years): Director and partner of La Faabrick Cherdet, a consulting, study and research firm specializing in alternative forms of activity (AAF) and changes in the labor market.
  • Guillaume Konan (30 years): Lawyer in employment law with a reference role in the social relations part within the Residential Property Division in NEXITY Group.
  • Astrid Gruyelle (30 years): Journalist in the press agency AEF info, within the Social HR department with responsibility for professional education and apprenticeships.
  • Anne Le Corre (28 years): Co-founder of the association Organic Spring. Feminist activist, co-creator of Fresque du sexisme.
  • Louise Lebecq (29 years): Delegate for Social Affairs at the Union of Independent Producers. Former Secretary General of the Clinique Juridique de Paris and former President of ADIPS.
  • Mathias Nirman (31 years): Founder of Chefcab, a consulting company in the field of influence communication specializing in the areas of employment, training and education.
  • Damien Lecuyer (31 years): Specialized social worker teaches at a Paris police station. Member of the Network for Combating Domestic Violence. Award winner from the Department of Engagement.
  • Salima Ouaret (28 years): Responsible for social relations in Lefebvre Sarrut Group (publishers, educational organizations, software solutions).
  • Jimmy Losfeld (29): PhD student at the Atomic Energy Commission. Former chairman of Fage (2016/2018). Volunteer at Coexist.
  • Alexandre Pacchin (26 years): Department project coordinator at Mission Locale du Nord Meusien. Lecturer at IRTS of Lorraine. IHEDN young accountant. Winner of the Institut de l’Engagement.
  • Elsa Martinez (30 years): Project manager at Réalités du dialogue social, a general interest association dedicated to promoting social dialogue. Feminist activist.
  • Raphaëlle Ploquin (26 years): Head of an assembly hall in Suresnes. Founder of M sans N, which intervenes in high schools. Winner of the Institut de l’Engagement.
  • Clara Mautalent (28 years): Social psychologist. Unirh-Thransition Head of Innovation, lecturer at the School of Parents and Educators IDF. Member of the Paris Youth Council (2018-2021).
  • Bruno Reggiardo (34 years): Psychologist at work and organizations and passionate about human problems at work. Change Management Consultant at Better Human Co.
  • Alexis Monnet (29 years): Employee at CRIJ Auvergne Rhône-Alpes. Member of CA for CRAJEP and CESER Auvergne Rhône-Alpes. Former Head of MRJC de l’Ain and MRJC Auvergne Rhône-Alpes.
  • Julie Ripa (28 years): Polytechnician and Insee administrator. Adviser to the Inter-Ministerial Delegation for the Prevention and Combating of Poverty (DIPLP).
  • Anne-Sophie Moroni (32 years old): President and co-founder of Excubator, an innovative system for combating recidivism. International innovation technical expert.
  • Benjamin Rolland (35 years): Director and co-founder of Enactus Organizations, a social enterprise that engages and develops the skills of individuals and groups “to multiply their influence”.
  • Emma Rouvet (21 years): Students at Sciences-Po. Co-president of the local association De l’Allier aux Grandes Ecoles and VP of the National Federation of Territories in Grandes Ecoles.
  • Claire Thoury (32 years): President of the Associated Movement (2021). Member of ESEC in the group of associations under the Associative Movement. Former General Delegate of Anima’fac.
  • Pierre Sandres (29 years): Lawyer working with issues of social protection (formalization of schemes, Urssaf controls) and remuneration (employee savings, pension savings).
  • Lena Van Nieuwenhuyse (21 years): President and founder of Pass’Politique, a party-political media with the ambition of “restoring the link between youth and public affairs by democratizing it”. Author of Generation Engaged.
  • Sertac Tas (27 years): Pilot for the Covid crisis cell “HR reinforcements”, coordinator of the support cell for the recruitment of Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris (AP-HP).
  • Anne Vernet (32 years): Co-founder of the social and cultural association 3027 “which offers access to art, culture and sports to all without distinction and in the first place to people in precarious and excluded situations”.
  • Alexiane Terrochaire-Barbançon (22 years): Responsible for distance mentoring and European projects at AFEV. Volunteer for Volt France and Young Europeans UK.
  • Melissa Youssouf (33 years): Vice-President of the Department of Seine-Saint-Denis with responsibility for Integration, Social and Social Economy and European Foundations. Public Affairs consultant.

The partners of 3and Promo social tomorrow

The partners in the 3rd Social Demain push - © DR
The partners of 3and Promo Social Demain – © DR

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