The Water Age 1. The dog’s constellation

HVogel visits his mother, Jeannes, with an idea in mind. Coming from the city, he knows that the authorities have decided to repatriate as many people as possible within the arid areas. Disillusioned, even confused, since his separation, Hans is no less clear about the situation and the turn that events are taking. He wanted to quickly find a corner where his mother and brother could continue their lives, quietly, in the middle of nature, near the water. Once this is done, he hopes to find his daughter, Vinée, who has stayed in town to study. The teenager on her side has something to hold on to and seems, between two classes, to follow in her saboteur father’s footsteps …

Benjamin Flao is never where the public expects him to be. When many are hoping for a new travelogue (Kililana sang, Go to), the artist joins forces with his friend Fred Bernard to deliver one trip introspective in the middle of purgatory (Petrol) and a colorful youth album about the pleasures of creation (Zara’s secret. Also with the announcement of its new release, the questions are numerous and expectations are high.

Planned in two or three volumes, its plot takes root in the Pays de Loire, while the water continues to rise, redrawing the landscapes as much as the lifestyle. A wise observer of the world who puts his art at the service of themes that speak to him and are important to him, the artist does not deviate from his habits. Under the guise of an apocalyptic-like expectation story, it paints the portrait of a society that justifies its excesses of security with health needs and fears on the one hand and on the other of those struggling to preserve their freedom, choices at. least. A strange resonance with a known situation would you think? Absolutely and it is fully assumed.

Benjamin Flao claims it easily, he listens, sees, matures what he lives, hears, observes what surrounds him and lets himself be carried away by his sensations, by what has somehow arisen. This letting go could confuse more than one, but despite information scattered drop by drop, the atmosphere quickly gains. The choice of narrator is not insignificant in this loss of bearing. A dog, blue, who understands people and obviously has funny gifts with him, completes the team formed by Hans and his brother Gorza, a colossus that expresses itself only through onomatopoeia. Together, the trio navigate in search of an oasis of peace and cross paths with wildlife that somehow adapt to the new geography. From river pirates to ZAD * on poles passing through an independent republic, the brothers and their dog go to meet those who, like their mother, have decided to stay away from cities, from their dikes, from this “air-conditioned nightmare, safe , sealed and waterproof ”.

In the name of their freedom, they refuse to return to these cities and comply with the wishes of an increasingly intrusive and suspicious state. In his eyes, they embody the danger, the disease, the problem in short. While tensions are also rising, these populations have decided to resist. But the resistance is not just outside. By alternating between her main plot with Vinée, a rebellious punk who questions the laws as much as she breaks them, the author throws every stone from her image without worrying about where it will lead him without ever giving up floating. In his distinctive style, full of life and emotion, the artist dazzles the eyes of his readership. Far from the stories of bombs, zombies, invaders, it offers a special atmosphere to its expectation story. To vary the rhythm and dress up his superb lyrics, he mixes textures and techniques, especially in moments of breathing, and adds this enchanting atmosphere with hints sometimes of fairy tales à la Corto, sometimes of silence that Cosey cannot deny. .

Rare author, with a precious production, offers Benjamin Flao, with first volume of vandalderen, to embark with him in the bay of a community not too far from ours. According to the stream that his brushes follow, he invites you on the waves of his questions and fears to sail on the foam of a story as strange as it is hypnotic, as poetic as it is sadly realistic.

NdC: * Area to defend.

Experience the preview of vandalderen.

By Mr. Mubariki

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