The wife of a Supreme Court justice in the heart of a scandal in the United States

The judge, his wife, the chief of staff, and Donald Trump. This is how the fable that is currently controversial in the United States could be called. At the heart of the controversy: Virginia “Ginni” Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, recently discharged from the hospital. The frame? The presidential election in November 2020 and the attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021. For it turns out that the judge’s wife exchanged several text messages with Mark Meadows, then Donald Trump’s chief of staff, with a very specific purpose: pressure to try to reverse the election result . And therefore keep Donald Trump in power.

conspiracy theories

In the United States, the case caused a stir. And almost every day brings new revelations. How dare the wife of a judge at the highest court in the country risk embarrassing her husband by vigorously contesting a legal choice? That she is pro-Trump is not surprising: her husband is considered the most conservative judge by the Supreme Court.

But his political activism highlights conflicts of interest. From now on, Virginia Thomas, 65, a trained lawyer, may have to be in charge of the committee in the House of Representatives that is investigating the attack on the Capitol. That day, thousands of pro-Trump protesters stormed the Capitol as elected officials rallied to confirm Democrat Joe Biden’s victory.

Virginia Thomas did not just send a single message to Mark Meadows. She sent 21, between November 2020 and January 2021, revealing some ruthlessness. As well as videos that convey conspiracy theories from right-wing extremist sympathizers. She also openly expressed to Meadows her disgust for then-Vice President Mike Pence because he resisted the compulsive insanity of a Republican president who denied defeat. Meadows, in turn, sent him nine messages.

that washington post and CBS News are the first media outlets to report on these exchanges. But other media, such as New Yorker and New York Times Magazine had already in January and February pointed out the role of the judge’s wife in the events leading up to January 6, 2021.

“Help this great president hold on, Mark !!! […] The majority of people know that Biden and the left are trying the biggest hold-up in history, ”Virginia Clarence said in a message. “I cry and pray for you !!!!!” she wrote in another, using the same exaggerated punctuation as Donald Trump. Or more ominously: “Do not give in. It takes time for an army to form.” The day before, November 5, she passed on a passage found on extremist websites: “The Biden crime family and conspirators of election fraud (elected officials, bureaucrats , censorship producers on social media, front-media reporters, etc.) are being arrested and detained for voter fraud now and in the coming days, and will live in barges off Guantanamo to face military tribunals for rebellion. “

Appeals for rejection

She did not content herself with expressing her opinion, but actively intervened and multiplied the strategies for trying to get the presidential election annulled. On November 19, 2020, for example, she mentions a lawyer, Sidney Powell, who would be “flooded” with “evidence of fraud.” Donald Trump’s legal team consulted this lawyer. And invited her to the famous conference where hair color flowed from the temples of Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York, who became Donald Trump’s chief lawyer.

So far, all Republicans’ attempts to condemn “vote theft” or “massive voter fraud” have failed in court. On Sunday, Democratic senators called on Judge Clarence Thomas to abstain from any election-related matter, as the Supreme Court is sometimes asked to resolve electoral disputes. Recently, the court also dismissed Donald Trump, who had seized it by refusing to submit documents from the White House kept at the National Archives in connection with the famous January 6, 2021. It was in January. Judge Thomas was the only one of the nine judges to disagree with the decision.

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that New York Times recalls that he had also participated in a December 2020 resolution concerning Texas, which wanted to annul the results of the election in four states. The court denied the request, but Judge Thomas and his colleague Samuel A. Alito Jr. issued a brief statement suggesting that the majority closed the case too soon. In February 2021, he talked about election fraud in a file on controversial votes in Pennsylvania, where he was again in the minority. Remember that the court is well rooted in the right, where six out of nine judges are now considered to be quite conservative.

“I do not involve him in my work”

For Amy Klobuchar, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, the SMS case constitutes a “textbook case” and jeopardizes the integrity of the court. “Not only should Clarence Thomas say no, but this Supreme Court has a great need for ethical rules,” she condemned on ABC, annoyed by the silence in the judiciary. The judge had already retired in 1995 in a case involving Virginia Military Institute, which his son attended at the time.

Mark Meadows remained relatively reticent in his responses to Virginia Clarence. It was he himself who delivered these exchanges of messages to the Capitol Commission, among nearly 9,000 pages of documents, including about 2,300 text messages. Before retiring and refusing to cooperate.

The judge himself did not rule in this case. As for his wife, she gave an interview to a conservative magazine Washington Free Beacon. “Like so many married couples, we share many ideals, principles, and aspirations for America,” she said. “But we have our own separate careers and our own ideas and opinions. Clarence does not discuss his work with me and I do not involve him in my work.” She was in Washington on January 6, 2021 on the streets to participate in the pro-Trump rally. But she claims to have left the place before the violence began because she was cold. Saved by the weather?


Judge finds ‘likely’ that Trump has broken the law

A U.S. judge on Monday ruled that it was “likely” that former President Donald Trump had violated the law by trying to invalidate the result of the November 2020 election in which Democrat Joe Biden had won.

Judge David Carter’s statement has no legal implications for the former White House host, but he is putting pressure on the Justice Department, the only one who can prosecute Donald Trump for his alleged responsibility in the assault. The judge, who works in a federal court in California, was asked to rule on John Eastmans, a lawyer allied with Donald Trump, refused to send hundreds of emails written from his address at Chapman University to the Commission of Inquiry. , near Los Angeles, where he taught law.

In another development, Donald Trump’s son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner is expected to testify virtually this week before the House of Representatives committee investigating the January 6, 2021 attack, according to US media.

The commission also on Monday night, following a unanimous vote, recommended a criminal case against two close associates of Donald Trump: his former economic adviser Peter Navarro and his former social media adviser Dan Scavino, who ignored subpoenas. . (AFP)

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