what we know about protesters’ muscle failure during an interview with Marine Le Pen in Guadeloupe

The time is now for sentencing, Sunday, March 27th. While right-wing extremist presidential candidate Marine Le Pen (RN) has been serious noisy Saturday night in Guadeloupe, Republican President Emmanuel Macron said he was “shocked” by the scene this Sunday. Franceinfo looks back at what happened.

An action carried out by Guadeloupe nationalist activists

Traveled to Guadeloupe for 24 hours, RN presidential candidate was the target of protesters on Saturday, awhen she recorded a duplex at her hotel in Le Gosier for the France 3 program “Sunday in Politics”.

After ten minutes of interview, “Activists from several nationalist organizations in Guadeloupe” including the National Alliance Guadeloupe (ANG) has invested in the premises, reports our colleagues from Guadeloupe 1., causing interruption of admission. “Twenty left-wing protesters hit us pretty hard”, Marine Le Pen’s entourage told AFP. His press officer specified that he had received “a kick in the back”. They also have “snatched the microphone “ what the candidate was wearing.

In the photos, we can distinguish a security guard protecting the candidate from someone trying to kick her while she lowers her head. Marine Le Pen was then evacuated from the set. The interview for Guadeloupe 1ère, which is scheduled live at 19.30 local time, has been canceled. “There were no real clashes or violence, but rather intimidation of Marine Le Pen”, reported the Guadeloupe 1ère journalist present at the scene.

The protesters shouting “Pens outside”, “Pens racist” according to other images, recorded by BFMTV, left the premises on their own, the hotel management told AFP. One of these protesters, Laurence Maquiaba, of the National Alliance Guadeloupe (ANG), explained to AFP to have wanted “to prevent” that’s not Marine Le Pen’s message “widespread”. “Guadeloupes, despite the skillfully orchestrated welcome, do not want this person (…) and a party that has not changed at all”, she added. “We find it impermissible that right-wing extremist ideas can roam in this way, (…) quietly in this country, which has been the same a slavery, this country which (…) was the victim of the ideological ancestors of Marine Le Pen and Dupont-Aignan “, explained Ronald Selbonne, another ANG protester.

A complaint filed

Marine Le Pen and her entire team filed a complaint, her entourage told franceinfo this Sunday morning, “after the outbreak of about twenty left-wing protesters”. “The hotel was absolutely unprotected and the police took more than an hour to arrive”, apologizes to a member of the campaign team. This is the first time that the politician is running as a presidential candidate for the West Indies. His father had been prevented from entering Martinique in 1987.

Condemnations of the political class

Guest of “Sunday in Politics” by France 3 broadcast this Sunday at noon, thehe said to outgoing President Emmanuel Macron to himself “shocked” of this participation and “convicted” a scene “completely unacceptable”.I fight Mrs Le Pen’s ideas, but with respect “, he added.

The interview on BFMTV asked RN deputy Sébastien Chenu the interior minister, Gérald Darmanin, whom he accuses of not “obviously not worried about the safety of this hotel”. The chosen one takes care of that “we are trying, somewhere in France, to keep it quiet”.

In a press release published this Sunday, the overseas department of France Télévisions condemns these events “who prevented the interview from taking place” and regret “that the conditions for equalizing the candidates’ terms could not be applied in accordance with the rules imposed by Arcom in the context of the election campaign for the presidential election”.

A disturbed end to the visit

The Sunday program for the RN candidate for her trip to Guadeloupe was also disrupted. The candidate canceled his appearance on the RCI radio on Sunday morning, but was to hold a press conference at noon (18.00 in Paris). The president of the National Rally was briefly transferred to the Sainte-Anne market and was again arrested by protesters who treated her again for “racist, facho!” according to several journalists present at the scene.

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