A man took over a warehouse and spotted cats and kittens inside

Kittens: Sometimes animals show up in our lives in the least expected way, as if fate has written the time and place where they are to meet. This is what happened to this man who took over a warehouse where he quickly spotted many kittens; a whole family of felines in search of help.

The man noted that several stray cats in the neighborhood took up the store as a refuge and were in desperate need of help. Since he had just taken over the establishment, he has decided to ask his wife Erin for help, a volunteer from Wrenn Rescues in Los Angeles.

While his wife was thinking about how to help, the husband decided to do a reconnaissance of all the cats that were in the warehouse. As he did so, he noticed something peculiar about one of the cats, a female who appeared to be pregnant.

A man took over the warehouse and rescued the cat and the kittens


The warehouse manager came back the next day, but the cat was nowhere to be found, which was very strange. After a few days, the warehouse workers informed him that they had seen the cat hide with his newborn kittens. The cat had decided to give birth in an unsafe and dangerous place, which was not suitable for raising her babies.

When the man saw the small family of cats, he knew he needed to help them find a nursing home. So he contacted the animal rescue center Wrenn Rescues, and luckily a care volunteer quickly came forward to help him.

The rescue plan then started, the first thing to do was get the kittens out of the place so Erin and her husband took over the process. cats

© INSTAGRAM / NIKKIFOSTERSCATSErin commented on Love Meow:

“We brought food and blankets. My husband took each kitten out of their miserable living conditions and put them in a cage and their mother came right away. »

Unfortunately, one of the kittens in the litter was unlucky and could not survive the terrible conditions. On the other hand, the cat, named Marigold, was relieved to receive attention, new blankets and plenty of food to satisfy her great appetite.

After eating, the adorable cat went to his little kittens to continue to take care of it.

Nikki is the volunteer who took care of the little family and as soon as they got home she gave them the life they deserved. From the beginning, Marigold was very loving and quickly adapted to her new environment, she has after all all the comforts.


Nikki commented:

“She’s very loving. She’s going to rub me against my legs or just stay next to me, but her love for her babies is something really magical.”

There is no doubt that the cute cat is very happy to get help raising her babies, and lets Nikki keep an eye on them constantly.

But when one of the kittens starts meowing, Marigold runs to see what is happening and stays behind to monitor the process.

Nikki said:

“When I’m done, she goes back to bed with them. She is such a good and loving mother ”.


After researching it, they realized that Marigold has been in the warehouse since she was a little kitten, it has always been his home.

The workers who work there know her very well, have become her best friends and say she is the best hunter in the neighborhood. So when the kittens are ready to continue their lives independently, Marigold returns to the warehouse.

Marigold is very happy to know that her five kittens: Sprout, Knox, Sunny, Ember and Blossom, bloom in the best possible way. The kittens are growing fast, they will soon open their eyes to their surroundings and use their little paws to frolic everywhere.

Currently, Marigold and her babies will continue to enjoy their nursing home until they are ready to begin a new chapter in their lives.


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