Babacar Mbaye commits crimes against the married woman, what he does to her afterwards is outrageous

Babacar Mbaye was prosecuted for the collection and possession of personal data and charlatanism, and yesterday Babacar Mbaye faced the judge in flagrant delicto in Dakar. He is being sued by Mame B. Ndiaye, married and the mother of 3 children, who accuses him of hypnotizing her before having sex with her.

The country is heading straight into the abyss. Maintaining sexual relations with another woman’s wife is today a favorite pastime of many men. But most often it is with their freedom that they will pay for their action. Such is the case with Babacar Mbaye, who risks spending the next six (6) months in jail. He was taken to the bar in flagrant delicto yesterday by his girlfriend Mame B. Ndiaye. The latter accuses him of the offenses of collecting and possessing personal data and charlatanism.

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Married and mother of 3 children, the complainant told the bar that she met Babacar Mbaye through his sister, who is her roommate. “When I had problems with my husband, I talked about it with my tenant, who offered to put me in touch with his brother. And the next day, the defendant came and knocked on my door and introduced himself as my roommate’s brother. He even revealed “that the latter told him about my concerns with my husband. A few days later he gave me mysterious baths, which he said were given to him by the marabout Touré”.

According to the complainant, it was after taking these baths that she began to lose her mind. “I took the bath for 7 days. After a while we started sleeping together when he came to my house all the time. But I admit I was not ready. He filmed our jokes without my knowledge. It was with these pictures “He made me sing. I gave him 200,000 francs and a gold ring that my mother had brought to me from France. It was at the police station that I saw these nude pictures of me that she had shown me from afar,” he says. Mame B. Ndiaye.

Warned: “she told me clearly that she was divorced under Tabaski”

Defendant Babacar Mbaye was urged to give his version of the facts and challenged the facts for which he is accused. According to him, the civil party was quite rightly aware when he took the pictures during their intercourse. “I immortalized this moment by taking these pictures while we slept together. She knew about it when she told me it was not safe and it was better that I delete them. It was during the Can semifinals. On the pictures were his private parts not visible but mine were it.It would bother me what I did if she was married but she told me clearly that she was divorced under Tabaski.She can even confirm that she, her children and I have repeatedly gone to eat ice cream, he says.As for the violation of charlatanism, Babacar Mbaye maintains that he and the civil party had extra marital relations long before he put him in touch with the marabout.

“I took her to a marabout to return to her husband because he told me she was divorced. And we went to this marabout together. She told me her 59-year-old husband is retiring. As a result she revealed to me that her husband’s family was looking at the house.What she did not want.I took him to a marabout and gave him 2 bottles of bath.We started sleeping together before I drove her to the marabout.It was under Can semi-final that I took her nude photos.

Me Oumar Diallo, lawyer for the civil party: “the degradation of morale has reached its climax in Senegal”

For the adviser to the civil party, Me Oumar Diallo, the breakdown of morale has reached its climax in Senegal. “How a man dared to harass a married woman until he had sex with her and come and take it on the stand. My client here is still married and it was her husband who enabled me to defend her before the bar. , ‘Shook the lawyer. For any cause of action, the plaintiff claims the amount of 5,000,000 CFA francs.

In his indictments, the representative of the public prosecutor against Babacar Mbaye requested a fixed sentence of six (6) months. For the prosecutor, the facts shock everyone in the room except the accused. Defense Attorney Me Tafsir Abdoul Dy asked for release. The case is adjourned until April 5.

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