Braxtons claims that her sister Tracis’ husband is taking advantage of her death

The Braxton sisters just want their deceased sister Traci to rest in peace, but her husband and his manager ‘exploit’ their sister in death, ‘insiders claim.

The Braxton family’s beloved sister Traci died two weeks ago after a years-long battle with esophageal cancer, and her husband and management have planned a funeral with zoomlinks against her last wishes, sources say.

“Traci did not want a funeral or wake up. She did not want people to look at her whole body. She specifically asked to be cremated right away … There was a zoom meeting that clarified what she wanted and now her husband is trying to make money on her behalf, ”a Braxton insider told Page Six.

Traci’s husband, Kevin Surratt, arranged a visit for her last week, and her famous sisters, Tamar, Trina, Towanda, Toni and their mother Evelyn Braxton opted out. Their father Michael Conrad Braxton showed up, but we are told that he was initially rejected “for not being on the list”.

Traci Braxton and Kevin Surratt
Traci Braxton with her husband Kevin Surratt in 2019.
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“He was so upset that he was not on the list. Someone from the church recognized him and locked him in and he had to sit in the fourth row,” the insider said.

Braxton’s father was not even allowed to “speak or speak words about his daughter,” the insider added.

Surratt, who had been married to Traci for almost 30 years, told us that was not true, and “my stepfather and brother-in-law came by shortly. He also insisted on inviting the sisters, but” they did not show up “.

Tamar, Towanda, Toni and Trina Braxton.
Traci’s famous sisters Tamar, Towanda, Toni and Trina Braxton (above) refused to attend the memorial service hosted by her husband when they thought it was against their brother’s wishes.
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Braxton underwent treatment for esophageal cancer for a year before he died in March, and our source tells us, “Tracis’ husband planned his funeral months before he died. She did not know, but he told others about it.

Surratt claimed he complied with his wife’s wishes, and she “explained everything at the funeral” before he died.

Traci Braxton, Trina Braxton and Evelyn Braxton.
Traci Braxton – pictured above with her sister Trina and mother Evelyn – reportedly did not want an official funeral.
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“I was with my wife … more than anyone else in this world. I know my wife, and when she got cancer, we really started communicating about the funeral, and I was still trying to find treatments for her. I went to “Every single one of his doctor visits throughout our marriage. That’s how we were, and now they treat me like an illegitimate husband,” he said.

He also claims that Traci “wanted a show and memorial service for her management, PR and other members to get together and celebrate her.”

On Thursday, Tracy’s manager, Cliff Jones, who says she “gave up her managerial duties” before her death, “disrespected the family” by holding an actual funeral.

Traci Braxton, Evelyn Braxton, Towanda Braxton and Trina Braxton.
Traci Braxton with her mother Evelyn and sisters Towanda and Trina at SiriusXM Studios in 2018.
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Another source tells us that Jones approached gospel artists Kim Burrell and Byron Cage to perform at the service, but “they withdrew when they realized the sisters were not involved,” they said.

“A barcode is required to enter. It’s something of a production,” they added.

The first source who told us that Tracis ‘body has since been cremated said: “No one has ever called to ask about anything from the family. No one called their mother, their father, their sisters to say,’ What do you think? about something.”

The family expects to hold their own private memorial “as requested by Traci” on April 2, which would have been Traci’s 51st birthday, according to our sources.

Traci’s most famous brother, Toni, apparently confirmed the private memorial during a performance at “Tamron Hall” on Tuesday.

Toni Braxton and Tamron Hall
Toni Braxton spoke to talk show host Tamron Hall about her sister’s death earlier this week.
Tamron / YouTube Room

“Her birthday is approaching soon – her second – and my sisters and I are going to celebrate and have a big Traci day … So I’m excited about that,” the desperate singer told Hall.

Surratt also confirmed the private service, saying, “I was never invited … No one sent me an invitation.”

Toni and Hall have not talked about last week’s viewing and his upcoming funeral, but the first source tells us that the situation makes the family even more sad.

The braxtons on
The Braxtons appeared on “Celebrity Family Feud” together.
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“They want to let their sister rest and continue to celebrate her life, and they want it to be stress-free,” they said.

Surratt insists that “none of this is true. I responded to his wishes. Traci made our son an executor because she knew it. [her family] would not come after him. They would come after me.

As for how Traci would feel about the family fighting each other after her death?

“She would not like that. She fought to the last. I just pray that everything goes well,” Surratt said.

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