Daniel Riolo shared between Géraldine Maillet and his “2nd wife”, unpublished revelations

For Géraldine Maillet and Daniel Riolo, life is not rosy. Forced to adjust to her husband’s schedule, who gets the last word?

Géraldine Maillet at her end!

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After being reference program for Non Stop peopleour colleague Jordan de Luxe accepts the proposal Tele-Fritid. Moreover, he has hardly begun that the people parade in his show. Who would have thought that Jean-Marie Le Pen would agree to reveal the colossal amount of his retirement? Whoever makes it a point of honor to protect himself from rumors does not go with the back of the spoon. It will be understood that the presenter is gifted at gathering the stars’ trust. That’s why, by deciding to invite Daniel Riolo and not Géraldine Maillet, he knows exactly where he’s coming from. It is well, Object invites you to discover it. Fan of the columnist, hold on, it’s going to sting really!

Proud of the Géraldine Maillet day

First of all, Géraldine Maillet’s husband wants to greet her courage. Knocked out because of her dithyrambic positions, she does not let it go. These two clearly agree on one point, namely never to be bothered. They have the recipe and would like to deliver it to us without art. ” The best way to not get * mm * red is to be natural. » Admittedly, hidden behind their phone or computer screens, haters look for the slightest flaw in humans. Accustomed to this kind of practice, every time they talk, the duo always prepares for reprisals a few hours later.. Proud of her treasure, the sports columnist knows that she is strong and that she can not be intimidated. In short, she do not stop there !

To illustrate Daniel Riolo’s words, nothing beats an illustration. If you read us regularly, you may know that between Géraldine Maillet and Myriam Palomba, the cloth is burning. One defends with beak and itches the health pass as well as the vaccine doses. The other will tip the table and believe that Emmanuel Macron is introducing draconian measures. Constantly on the defensive, the two women are unable to find common ground. Even Cyril Hanouna has a hard time choosing between them. And this is not the speech of Mr. RMC which will ease the tension. We found an extract worth its weight in peanuts. So, Object invites you to watch this mythical sequence of TPMP. As the other would say, who rubs it, get a kick out of it!

… Away at night!

Daniel Riolo has been in chargeAfter football. He leaves nothing to the professional of the round ball. Brilliant, right in the boots, he knows he owes part of his success to his ” duet with Gilbert (Brisbois, editor’s note). » With a smile, he defines it as ” [sa] second wifee ”. How does he organize his family life and career? It’s easy, every day, between 9.00 and midnight, he leaves his relatives “house, wife and children” and goes straight to his heart brother!

Is Géraldine Maillet jealous of this contribution? She decided not to say anything about it. Does Gilbert’s family, for their part, also accept this division? To defend himself, Daniel Riolo specifies that he masters ” what he does, what he is, how he lives. » And the opposite is true! With his BFF, they have a habit of agreeing on the smallest details of their show. For example, with regard to the review of After, it specifies that “It is extremely rare that we do not agree. » As a couple, he shares everything with him, including his other professional projects. If Gilbert is not in the loop, there is no reason to think about having him solo.

A moment of calm

Oops, that Object so it did not come at all. Patience, the former actress will need it to accept that ” this duo do not poison his daily life and his rare moments with his lover. Continued in the next issue!

Thanks to our colleagues Jordan de Luxe!

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