Delphine Jubillar: What’s the dirty Quy affair that strangely repeats her story?

There are many similarities between the Quy case and the disappearance of Delphine Jubillar. But what is it?

Delphine Jubillar has not been found since December 16, 2020. The young woman mysteriously disappeared in Cagnac-les-Mines and she has not given any sign of life since. Research continues to find out what happened to her, whether she is still alive and if she is dead, where is her body. This disappearance is much talked about, and it has many similarities with the Quy case. But what is it? Lynsey Quy, 21, was the mother of two young children and she is married to Mitchell Quy. Around Christmas 1998, the young woman arrived disappears mysteriously. She was last seen on December 15, 1998, 22 years to the day before Delphine Jubillar’s disappearance. It was in a grocery store in her neighborhood where she used to go that she was seen. For 53 days no one reported him missing. It was not until February 5, 1999 that a social worker finally sounded the alarm, after realizing it that she had not seen the young woman for a very long time. A documentary with the title Main Suspect: The Over-Confident Wife Killer (Editor’s note: Main suspect: the overconfident killer) and released in 2001, was dedicated to this disappearance. In it, Mitchell Quy explains: “She’s going to have to come out of hiding now, because I saw her in the market and I saw her in a black Mercedes“, therefore suggests that the person in question is still alive and would have traveled with a lover.

Once reported missing, an investigation begins. His family will even go as far as consult clairvoyant to try to find her. For his part, Mitchell Quy continues to deny any involvement for eighteen months. According to him, it is quite possible that she left of her own free will, with a lover, and that she left her children. On several occasions he will speak on television to declare that his wife “left without saying goodbye“. But his statements will cause a lot of talk, especially since he will smile on his face. When a journalist asks him if he has”.killed his wife“, he will simply reply:”Wait, you will find out“. While Merseyside Police suspect him of being the killer, there is no evidence to incriminate him. On February 27, 1999, he is arrested for the first time. He will be charged with fraud for having forged his wife’s signature on checks after she disappeared. After this arrest, he will be sentenced to community service before release. It was only later, during his second arrest in June 2000, that he admit to being behind the murder of Lynsey Quy. After strangling her, he will keep her lifeless body in the marriage bed for several days before killing it. cut out in the bathtub, using a hacksaw. The remains of the young woman were placed in a plastic bag and tucked around in a brand new amusement park and in bushes near a train track. He can count on the help of Eliot, his brother, a butcher by profession. Only the head and hands of the young woman were never found, but it became Mitchell Quy sentenced to life imprisonment with 17 years security. While he has been eligible for parole since 2017, all of his requests have since been denied.

Delphine Jubillar and Lynsey Quy: what are the similarities between the two cases?

Lynsey Quy was a mother who wanted to rebuild her life. It was in 1995 that she married Mitchell Quy. She was only 17 and he was 20. Their couple fast experienced difficulties and from the first month of marriage the young woman complained that her husband was violent and she wanted to leave him. On December 16, 1998, a violent altercation broke out, and according to information published by the Liverpool Echo, Lynsey Quy would have told her husband about her desire for divorce. A revelation that he would have had a hard time accepting as he would no longer have been allowed to see Jack (3 years old) and Robyn (6 years old), their children. This would have made him to commit the irreparable and alienated his wife. For her part, Delphine Jubillar was tired of her “breast life“and wanted to move on. She had met a man with the nickname”the lover of montauban“and both were determined to start a new life. Like Mitchell Quy, Cédric Jubillar had no intention of getting divorced and he did everything he could to win back his wife. Has he also committed the irreparable? On his side, the family father has been in jail since June last year. He goes on to assert his innocence. No element allowed the accused or to highlight his involvement. To date, he has presumed to remain innocent in the charges against him.

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