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Find out everything you need to know about Ryan Shawhughes and his marriage to Ethan Hawke, as well as his ex-wife Uma Thurman.

Ethan Hawke, 51, has been a famous actor for over 30 years. After captivating the audience in the beloved coming-of-age movie Dead Poets Society, Ethan has been a cornerstone of entertainment. He played many other critically acclaimed and beloved roles, including in movies like reality hurts and Gattaca. During his career, he was also nominated for four Oscars. He received nominations for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in training day and Childhood in 2002 and 2015. respectively, he was also nominated for best adapted manuscript in 2005 and 2014 for before sunset and Before midnight, respectively. Throughout his career, he was married twice. Learn more about his wife Ryan Shawughes, 40 years old, and her ex Uma Thurman51.

Ethan and Ryan have been married since 2008. (Shutterstock)

How did Ethan meet Ryan?

Ethan married Ryan in 2008. About three years after his divorce from Uma ended. The second marriage attracted a lot of attention when Ryan, before the couple became romantically involved, had been the nanny for Ethan and Uma’s children. Although it seemed outrageous, it was training day The star said the couple did not have a romantic relationship until long after being a nanny, in a 2009 interview with The Guardian. “After a short stay for me, Ryan returned to Colombia to graduate. There were never any scandalous thoughts or actions at that time. In the years that followed, my marriage fell apart due to many pressures, none of which were remotely related to Ryan, “he said. “I know people imagine a kind music sound type of love story, but the truth is that when Ryan and I fell in love, it was a long time since I had used it.

When Ryan was his second marriage, Ethan toppled his wife. He admitted not wanting to remarry, but that he and Ryan were “incredibly compatible” and that he loved her “immensely”, via The Guardian. He also opened up about his decision to remarry in a 2013 interview with She. “Thanks to the failure of my first marriage, I learned a lot about myself. Until you know yourself, you do not know how to share your life with another person,” he said.

Ryan is the producer

Although Ryan was a nanny when she and Ethan met, she has pursued her own successful film career, except that she mostly works behind the camera. She has worked with Ethan on a number of projects where she is a producer. She worked with him on film First reformed and Flambéed. She also served as the executive producer of the TV series The good gentlemanby IMDb.

Ethan has two daughters with Ryan

One month after Ethan and Ryan got engaged, they had their first daughter together Clementine Jane Hawke, 14. Three years later, Ryan gave birth to the couple’s youngest daughter. Indiana Hawke in 2011. Ethan admitted that motherhood came naturally to Ryan in his 2009 interview with The Guardian. “She has been a wonderful and happy new mother, a wonderful mother-in-law, a true healing tool in our family and an indispensable partner for me,” he said.

Ethan’s first marriage was to Uma Thurman

Before he and Ryan struck, Ethan married pulp fiction star in 1998 after working together on Gattaca. The couple divorced in 2003, and their divorce was finalized two years later. Ethan admitted that getting married as a 27-year-old was an attempt to take control of his acting life. “Success when you are young is really overwhelming. The world seemed out of control. And I wanted to prevent it from spinning so fast. I thought marriage would diminish my variables or something. I was completely wrong, “he said. She.

Ethan and Uma were married from 1998 to 2003. (Shutterstock)

The divorce also had a huge negative impact on the actor, saying it happened around the time he received his first Oscar nomination. He said the split made it difficult to enjoy the highlight of his career, he said QG in a profile from 2018. “I got divorced and my personal life fell apart,” he said. “When you’re depressed, it’s very easy to see all the wrong things about other people and life, and I’m just starting to see all that. How false fame was, how false everything is.

Ethan and Uma have a son and a daughter

Although the marriage did not succeed, Ethan and Uma had two beautiful children. Their daughter Maya, 23, followed in his parents’ footsteps and embarked on an acting career. Their son Levon, 20, also appears to be starting an acting career and he was seen on the set for foreign thingswhose sister is also a star.

Other than foreign thingsMaya has had roles in a number of films and shows, including Little women, the street of fearand Once upon a time in Hollywood. Ethan celebrated his daughter’s unique achievement in foreign things after its creation. “But ladies and gentlemen, get to know MAYA HAWKE. She is the real deal,” he wrote in an Instagram post at the time.

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