Every couple who has proven that the experiment can work

Netflix has always promoted Love is blind as an experiment to find out if love can really be blind, and a handful of couples have been able to prove that this experiment actually works. When considering dating series like Married at First sight, 90 days engagedand other shows showing the rapid mating of people who barely know each other, there was not much faith behind Netflix Love is blind before the release of its inaugural season.

That said, it did not take that long Love is blind take the world by storm, become a mainstream dating competition and rival long-running blockbuster franchises such as The single person and island of love. While a lot of media attention on Love is blind season 1 was placed on the declining relationship between Mark Cuevas and Jessica Batten, fans were also very invested in the relationship that worked on the show.

Of the five couples who participated in season 1, two couples blindly courted in the pods and got married at the end of the series. Meanwhile, a couple could not tell “I do” at the altar, but continued to date for many years in the real world. In 2022 two pairs out of Love is blind season 2 also followed the whole process of getting engaged in the pods and getting married in the finals. In just two seasons, there is already plenty of evidence that this Netflix experience works for many people.

Lauren Speed ​​and Cameron Hamilton (Season 1)

It really does not get any better than Lauren Speed ​​and Cameron Hamilton, who were universally loved by Love is blind fans and eventually became it “Couple of posters” for the entire series. Cameron and Lauren fell in love without ever seeing each other, got engaged in pods and then got married in the grand finale. They had a really perfect relationship on the show and are still together to this day. All in all, it will be incredibly difficult for any future Love is blind pair to top the favor that Lauren and Cameron have among fans of the series. Along with creating content for their social media platforms and YouTube channel, Lauren was also chosen to host the 2021 dating competition. Match me if you can on MTV.

Amber Pike & Matthew Barnett (Season 1)

There was always a lot of hesitation when it came to that Love is blind season 1 stars Amber Pike and Matthew Barnett. First of all, Barnett was caught between the story that Jessica was apparently in love with him – not Mark during the filming of season 1. After Amber met Barnett’s family, it also seemed as if her family feared that Barnett would make the hasty decision to to marry. on Love is blind to a woman he had not known for so long. Against all odds, however, Barnett and Amber are still married from 2022. Over after the altar special episodes, Amber still seemed to hold a lot against Jessica. In any case, her marriage to Barnett is clearly going very well.

Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers (Season 1)

It was heartbreaking to see Giannina Gibelli rise at the altar at Damian Powers Love is blind finale of season 1. Despite their very genuine ties to the show and the fact that he really loved her, Damian could not get married at the time. That said, Giannina and Damian continued to date after the show ended for several years, proving that the experiment finally worked for them. Damian and Giannina broke up in 2021, but they still had a successful year-long relationship that came out of Love is blind experience. After their breakup, Damian was attached Too hot to handle season 1 star Francesca Farago, but that relationship did not develop much. Giannina was shown in after the altar special section dealing with the news that Damian had brought Francesca – a potential new boyfriend – to an event to celebrate their season of Love is blind.

Iyanna McNeely and Jarrette Jones (Season 2)

Iyanna McNeely and Jarrette Jones were one of the most popular, stable and convincing couples to join Love is blind season 2. Iyanna took the whole process seriously and really got to know Jarrette before committing to him. In return, Jarrette took a more light-hearted approach to the show because of his sense of humor, but that did not stop him from taking Iyanna very seriously. Despite having a good relationship with Mallory Zapata in the pods, Jarrette knew where his priorities lay and felt that Iyanna was the right woman he could date. As a result, they had a fairly drama-free journey throughout the season with minor obstacles that were easily resolved between them over time. At the reunion, Iyanna and Jarrette confirmed how happy they are as a married couple.

Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson

Like Barnett and Amber in season 1, many viewers had some initial reservations when it came to Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson’s relationship. Individually, Danielle and Nick seemed like great people with good intentions that gave their relationship a fair chance. On the other hand, Danielle and Nick clashed Love is blind a few times, which questioned their success as a married couple. Nevertheless, Danielle and Nick worked hard and overcame any adversity that came their way. During season 2, Nick talked about how he and Danielle learned to communicate really well with each other in the pods, which were staples they relied on when problems arose. Like the aforementioned couple, Danielle and Nick have really proven how much Love is blind the experiment can and has worked for many couples.

After presenting 10 pairs between Love is blind season 1 and 2, half of them turned into long relationships, four of which are still happily married in 2022. The success rate of 40% is much, much higher than any other dating program, including the taste of The single person, island of love, and other. With Lauren & Cameron, Amber & Barnett, Iyanna & Jarrette and Danielle & Nick still married, they certainly proved that love can actually be blind. And while things did not work out for Giannina and Damian in the long run, fans can certainly call a relationship that spanned many years quite successful.

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