Friends, The Vampire Diaries … those couples who made their series even better

The writers of your favorite programs love to take risks, especially when it comes to relationships, and sometimes it’s for the best. Sure. Proof before 7.

[MISE A JOUR] : This article “7 Couples Who Made Their Series Even Better #RelationshipGoals” was originally published in October 2017. It was updated and rebroadcast in March 2022.

Monica and Chandler in the legendary series Friends

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In four seasons, viewers have of Friends has only eyes for Ross and Rachel. From the end of season 4, and especially during an eventful trip to London, the writers take the risk of forming a new couple among the “friends”: Monica and Chandler. What at first was a simple story with no future becomes a real idyll, and relationship goals (more than Ross and Rachel, for some) in the eyes of many fans. Luckily, the writers stopped there and did not put Joey and Phoebe together.

Stefan and Caroline ind The Vampire Diaries

the vampire diaries, steroline, caroline, stefan

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The romantic relationship between Stefan and Caroline is far from predictable at first glance, as the vampire falls in love with Elena as soon as she arrives in Mystic Falls. But it is precisely the surprise effect and a gradual rapprochement between Stefan and Caroline that fascinates the fans. In season 6, the young woman realizes her feelings for Stefan, and they then exchange their first kiss. Their relationship is fraught with obstacles but ends up triumphing in last series of The Vampire Diaries. Spoiler alarm : Their happiness was only short-lived, Stefan sacrificed himself to save Mystic Falls in the very end.

Phoebe and Cole in the series Charmet

Phoebe and Cole Charmed

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The introduction of Cole’s half human, half demon character in season 3 of Charmet got the fans on fire. First and foremost for his irresistible bad boy side, but especially for his (forbidden) love affair with Phoebe. While the Halliwell sisters have to fight Balthazar, they end up discovering that he is none other than the young woman’s love interest. A passionate, sulphurous, but impossible relationship … which gives a real boost to the plot.

Callie and Arizona in the medical series grey’s Anatomy

Grays anatomy, arizona, callie


Following the failure of her union with George and a purely sexual relationship with Mark, Callie discovers romantic feelings for a woman, Arizona, from season 5. This unexpected but terribly touching relationship will fascinate fans of grey’s Anatomy for many years, even to the point where MerDer was dethroned in the hearts of some.

Kurt and Blaine in the seriesGlee

kurt blaine joy


Kurt and Blaine meet at the start of season 2 of Glee. They belong to rival choirs, but that does not stop them from sympathizing and getting closer. Kurt finds in Blaine a real confidant, the one who gets bullied at his high school because of his homosexuality. The two boys fall in love with each other and exchange their first kiss in front of the camera to the delight of the gleeks (nickname of fans of Glee). After Finchel, the screenwriters of Glee found another star couple in Klaine and did not stop there (hi Brittana).

Joey and Pacey ind Dawson

dawson, joey, pacey

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After two seasons centered on the Dawson-Joey relationship, best friends since childhood, the series Dawson taking the risk of a Pacey-Joey rapprochement in season 3. More spontaneous, more touching, and less intoxicating than Dawson-Joey, the Pacey-Joey (Katie Holmes) relationship will characterize an entire generation of teens. Pardon Dawson.

Wilhelmina and Connor in the seriesGrimme Betty

Wilhelmina and Connor (Ugly Betty)


What’s better than a love story to “humanize” our favorite series villains? In the third season of Grimme Betty, the authors introduce the character of Connor Owens, CFO of the Meade Publications group. The businessman leaves no one indifferent as soon as he arrives, including Wilhelmina Slater, who is not one who is easy to crack. Their little game of seduction and power turns into a romantic relationship, thus showing a new (more vulnerable) facet of Wilhelmina.

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