from her past as a battered woman to her feminist commitments

Lio: from her past as a battered woman to her feminist commitments (Photo by Stephane Cardinale – Corbis / Corbis via Getty Images)

This Tuesday, March 29, 2022, Lio will appear in the casting of the M6 ​​TV movie “She saved me”. A particularly gripping story set against the backdrop of domestic violence. Several years ago, Lio himself was a victim. Since then, she has worked tirelessly to save women who, like her, need help.

Lio is back on the small French screen. This Tuesday, March 29, the M6 ​​event TV movie directed by Ionut Teianu, “She saved me”. A TV movie inspired by the true stories of Julie Douib, killed by her husband on March 3, 2019 in Corsica, and Laura Rapp, author of the book “Tweeter or die”, in which Lio embodies a lawyer in charge of a domestic home . case of violence. This role is particularly close to his heart. The mother of six children, the actress and singer herself went through a painful period, a victim of domestic violence for several years …

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Hell of domestic violence

It was in the late 90s that Lio got into a relationship with singer Alexis Zad. If he first seemed “wonderful”, his face changed from one day to the day when the Portuguese artist became pregnant with their twins, Léa and Garance. “He started hitting me more and more often, more and more violently,” she said in the columns of the Paris Match in 2013. It’s the beginning of hell for Lio, who is first “in denial” of his attitude. executioner: “I found excuses for him: ‘It’s not his fault. He was beaten himself. He is a street child.’ It was I, on the contrary, who felt guilty: ‘I must have acted badly to bring him into this state.’ “I was with a narcissistic pervert, and I did not know it. Little by little, I fell into alienation, and my elders witnessed all this violence.”

A sense of guilt, which she recently addressed, in March 2022 in the Gala columns. “Like many, I wondered what I had done wrong to expose him like that. I also took responsibility for the suffering of this man who was like an exile. From the moment we receive the first blow if we do not say ‘it is intolerable, the limit has been exceeded, stop! ‘, the violence enters. It erupts. ” Clicked, Lio had it during an even more violent event, which this time involved his children: “I only managed to lodge a complaint when he started beating me while I was breastfeeding the twins. Because I was afraid of them.” The artist and his children flee the family home, but “another hell” begins: the fight “with the police” to get his voice heard.

Video. Lio victim of domestic violence by his ex: “The wound is still there”

Unfortunately, her ex-boyfriend finds her as she has sought refuge in a hotel. The cycle of violence continues: “He introduced himself to the receptionist with a newspaper in which we were photographed together. ‘You can see that I am her husband. Let me go up!’ And the guy let him. ” This is followed by a terrible reunion for the artist. “The day I was abused in front of my 3-year-old daughter was the worst in my life.”

Lio, committed woman

If Lio could get out of it, it’s also thanks to his sister Helena Noguerra. It was she who understood to read between the lines, behind the walls of a violent home. “She saw things she did not understand, so she talked about it around her and approached an association for battered women. We explained to her. We told her that the first thing I would do was deny, to minimize, that we should take it easy, Lio remembers.Without her, without her gaze on me when I was beaten, without her phone call to SOS Battered Women, I was dead.It is she who saved my life.I owe her so much ! “

But domestic violence leaves indelible traces. Today, Lio still has a sense of guilt toward her children: “I did not know how to be responsible. I asked them for forgiveness. They forgave me, but I will never forgive myself …” In an attempt to heal his ailments Lio underwent a lengthy psychoanalysis. But it is also on the public stage that she now puts her intimate pain in the service of engagement.

Very good friend of Marie Trintignant, who died during the battle of Bertrand Cantat in 2003, Lio has never stopped honoring his memory, pointing to the behavior of the singer from Noir Désir. In April 2018, when the feminist movement Femen was celebrating its tenth anniversary at La Bellevilloise in Paris, Lio responded. On stage, the singer and actress even appeared topless to perform with her title track “Banana Split”.

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