Jean-Luc Mélenchon, here is his program in terms of equality, security, social emergency, ecology …

As the presidential election of 2022 approaches in France, Sudinfo takes stock of the programs of the various candidates.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon proposes a program of “break” with economic liberalism, and prefers a “society of mutual aid” in which “harmony between people and with nature prevails”.

To do this, he plans to convene a Constituent Assembly for a more parliamentary and participatory Sixth Republic, plan the “ecological division”, decree “social emergency measures”, develop public services and tax the richest more.

Here are the key goals for the far left presidential candidate:

Sixth Republic

Convening of a Constituent Assembly, the members of which must be elected, partly by drawing lots, for a two-year work of writing the new constitution

– Referendum on Citizens’ Initiative (RIC) and revocation of a referendum on any mandate

– The right to vote at 16 years

Recognition of the blank vote

– Anti-media concentration law and new ethical council

– Freezing the prices of basic necessities (five vegetables and fruits, pasta, hygiene, fuel, etc.)

– SMIC to 1,400 euros net, increase in other minima

– Retirement at the age of 60 and at the minimum wage for 40 paid annuities, minimum 1,063 euros for incomplete careers

– Autonomy guarantee of 1,063 euros for students and vocational high school students

Guaranteed employment paid at the minimum wage in the ecological transition or social sectors for any voluntary long-term unemployed person

– Important public services within a maximum of 30 minutes from each Frenchman


Limiting the maximum wage to 20 times the minimum wage in a company

– More progressive income tax and CSG with 14 parentheses that focus efforts on the rich

– Universal tax against tax evasion

– Restoration and reinforcement of wealth tax (ISF)

– 100% inheritance tax exceeded 12 million euros

– Impose on companies to pay a 10% bonus to all their female employees, burden on the employer to prove that equal pay is already there

– The right to contraception and abortion enshrined in the Constitution

Repayment of PMA

– Plan to combat anti-LGBTI violence

Organic planning

Involvement in the constitution of the “green rule”, according to which “one does not take more from nature than what it is capable of filling up”

– Framework laws that establish coordination between national and local level for planning

– Target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 65% ​​by 2030

Ecological protectionism at borders

Reassignment of regions by watershed

Establishment of an ecological planning council and a relocation agency

Contributed thermal renovation of 700,000 homes per year

– Public investment in renewable energy and nuclear phasing out by 2045

– Prohibition of “factory holdings” and cruel hunting practices

Establishment of a Ministry of Food Production to replace agriculture

– Nutriscore obligation on food packaging


– Recruitment of teachers to reach 19 students per. class on average

– 30% increase in teacher salaries

Establishment of contractors

– Free canteens, transport and school equipment

Security and justice

– Restoration of local police and abolition of BAC

Strengthening police training

– End the “speech” policy

– Prohibition of dangerous law enforcement equipment

Abolition of IGPN in favor of an independent control unit

Recruitment of 13,000 judges, 20,000 clerks, 10,000 administrative staff in the judiciary

– Free for the most common procedures such as divorce

– Prioritize reintegration and compensation over imprisonment


Activate the “opt-out” clause in those parts of the European Treaties which prevent certain parts of the program from being applied

– Withdrawal of NATO in favor of “alter-globalist alliances”, “non-alliance” of France with the great powers

– Receiving migrants, renegotiating the Dublin and Le Touquet agreements and legalizing undocumented workers

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