Lot. In Luzech billiards, vector of social bond for residents of Boissor

Residents of the IME in Boissor play with members of the Académie Luzéchoise de Billard. (© Marc-Antoine Gallice)

that Luzech billiard club has entered into a partnership with the complex medico-social by Boissor.

It is said that in XIVand century, noble fans of croquet, this game played outdoors, which consists of throwing a ball of wood under bows using a hammer, decided to create an indoor version to be able to play it all the time. We replaced the lawn with a table with a green coating, we kept the balls, and we turned the clubs to push them with the handle instead of hitting them. Billiards was born.

The word itself comes from “ball”, one of the rare expressions of Celtic origin, which remains in our language and which denotes a piece of wood. Ironically, it is precisely avenue d’Uxellodunum, the last bastion of the resistance of the Gauls, whose presence in Luzech is attested by an oppidum, which stands on the hill of the Impernal, that the Académie Luzéchoise lies.

“Le Tapis Vert” opens its doors in 2019. French billiards are practiced, which consists of clashing three balls and American pocket billiards, of which snooker is one of the many variants. Michel Caucheteux and Jean-Michel Edart are the presidents.

Michel is from Brive-la-Gaillarde. He discovered Lot in 1981 and seduced by the region, he decided to settle there. He found a job as an educator at the medical-social complex Boissor, which supports people with disabilities who have an intellectual disability or a mental illness. 142 employees supervise 160 residents who carry out a professional activity within the framework of an ESAT (Establishment and Service of Help through Work). The youngest follow education in an IME (Institut Médico Éducatif).

Of a jovial and friendly nature, Michel has always participated in the association life of the village. When retirement came, he was persuaded to enroll in the billiard academy by his friend Jean-Michel Edart, who was one of the cornerstones. And the circumstances soon led him to take the double direction of the academy in the company of Jean-Michel.

In addition to billiard tones the body through the muscles it uses, it retains flexibility and develops motor coordination. It has a calming effect because it forces concentration. It also uses thinking to understand the trajectories of the spheres and memory to recognize specific “figures”. But above all, it allows you to mix gender and age like no other sport, thereby becoming a privileged vector for socialization.

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Why would the residents of Boissor not enjoy all these benefits? This is the question that Michel asks himself, and which he answers by proposing a partnership to the team in the company, which he especially knows from having been a member recently. The participation of the inhabitants in the activities of the academy will give them the opportunity to rub shoulders with the inhabitants of the village to combat certain prejudices, of which they are often victims, of the closeness which this activity enables. Michel also plans to organize friendly games with other medico-social institutions.

“The academy will offer handy-sports licenses in addition to the classic membership licenses”

On Monday, March 7, the “Green Carpet” celebrated the signing of the partnership agreement by hosting a reception attended by Boissor’s management, Lot’s deputy council chairmen, Marc Gastal and Maryse Maury, responsible for the elderly and disabled, and Jacques Andrieux. , district president of the association, and Jean-Jacques Roy, responsible for the disability archive of the Ligue Occitanie de Billard. The academy is almost always open.

But for more information contact Michel Caucheteux: Tel. 06 07 43 61 39? mcaucheteux@laposte.net.


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