Love is in the meadow: great clash between a farmer and a challenger

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In the last episode of “Love is in the Meadow” the first kisses were exchanged. A meal at the restaurant took place in a tense atmosphere between a farmer and one of his two suitors.

In the last episode of “Love is in the Meadow”, which was broadcast on Tuesday night on the M6, there were declarations of love, tears but also a shouting match. Jean-Daniel is a 51-year-old Swiss winemaker. He invited two women to his farm: Céline, a Swiss nurse, and Zakia, a Grenoble caregiver.

A restaurant meal between Jean-Daniel and Zakia was electric. The Swiss winemaker begins the meal with a compliment to Zakia, whom he always addresses: “You are lovely!” He admits that he has not put so much effort into the clothes. The nurse takes the opportunity to criticize the farmer’s t-shirt: “The scriptures are not very refined”. “It’s a little young,” replies the farmer. Zakia then wants to know if the Swiss would like to be guided in terms of clothes. “Yes, but maybe not until then,” assures the winemaker with a strong character. “I would not accept it easily.” Zakia explains to him that it is to get to know him.

Zakia wants to know what Jean-Daniel expects from a woman. The farmer does not answer the question. “I’m not in deep conviction. That’s not how it can fall,” he admits to his suitor in astonishment. Zakia raises her voice: “Let me finish, please stop (…) Let me finish, I can not get an answer from you”. For Jean-Daniel impossible to make a decision after two days.

“At least I’m not going to change who I am,” the winemaker replies, throwing chills over the meal. Then dinner ended. Encouraged to take stock of the meal, Zakoa criticizes Jean-Daneil for “his burning temper”. For Jean-Daniel, Zakia has “a character that is too strong, too strong. It barks right away. Shut up, let me talk. ‘School”.

Jean Daniel will never find a shoe that suits him, if he does not make any concessions, it is true that when it comes to clothes, it is not great, but apparently he will not hear anything … # ADP21

– Calypso Gotan \ u26f1 \ ufe0f (@CalypsoGotan) October 18, 2021

Zakia tries to push him, but it will not bring anything, as Jean-Daniel is closed and definitely not ready to get into a relationship …#ADP # ADP21 # adp2021

—Jo (@ABrandNewJo) October 18, 2021

Jean Daniel wants to stay single, he is not ready for life as a couple \ ud83d \ ude02 # ADP21

– Pearl (@ STUCK_0N_REPLAY) October 18, 2021

The day before, Jean-Daniel’s second challenger, Céline, had in turn shared a meal in the restaurant. The Swiss farmer had monopolized the floor by talking about his cows, his vines, and his past stories. The next day, Céline admits to Jean-Daniel that she feels “more in a way of meeting friendship”. She confirms it a little later in front of the camera: “We must be friends who will be nothing else”.

Delphine is in love with Ghislaine

At Delphine, the organic arborist from Tarn-et-Garonne, the first days were tense with Christelle, a suitor from neighboring Tarn. Between a rather aggressive Christelle and a more discreet Ghislaine, Delphine had trouble finding her place. During a meal with friends, Delphine confirms that she could end the adventure alone. Ghislaine leaves the meal to seek refuge in her room. Delphine joins her and finally admits to her: “I lean more towards you than at Christelle”. The next day, Delphine announces it to Christelle, who leaves. Delphine and Ghislaine cycle and then exchange a first kiss on a bench. They spend a cuddly first night together the following night.

Hervé chooses Stephanie

In Picardy, Hervé, 43, who has always lived with his parents, is “sure of his right choice”. “It’s obvious,” to him. He prefers the discreet Stéphanie over the more direct Vanessa. But hard to tell him. He tries for the first time in the garden, but does not succeed. The farmer and his suitors go on a boat trip where Vanessa captures attitudes and looks. Back at the family farm, Hervé drinks several glasses of orange tea to give himself courage and admits to Vanessa: “I continue the adventure with Stéphanie”.

Franck prefers Anne-Lise

Franck, the lumberjack from Charente-Maritime, hesitated between Cécile and Anne-Lise. The first, living in the same ward, preferred a long-distance relationship to begin with, while the second was ready to come and settle down right away. Anne-Lise, who is passionate about historical reconstruction, has prepared a ride in historical costume. If the farmer takes his hand, he stays on the reserve. Anne-Lise, she wants “a man”. Meanwhile, Franck’s mother visits Cécile, who has stayed on the farm. Compassionately, the old lady admits that her son wants a “full-time” companion. When Franck returns, Cécile tells him she wants to leave the farm. “Sorry,” replies the forester, before taking her in his arms. “Part time, I’ve already done that.” After he leaves, Franck finally kisses Anne-Lise on top of a tower.

Vincent prefers Marie-Jeanne

If Vincent, the winemaker from Vaucluse, originally had a preference for Stéphanie, a dogmaid, he finally showed more interest in Marie-Jeanne, an official. Stephanie? “She makes a lot of mood” for the winemaker, who finds Marie-Jeanne “much more peaceful”. And to confirm: “I thought she was more submissive, she’s more spontaneous”. With Marie-Jeanne, they even cook brains, kidneys and lamb shank in front of a vegetarian Stéphanie, disgusted by the meal and the dirty condition of her host’s fridge. At the end of a walk in the vineyards, Marie-Jeanne admits to Vincent that she is not projecting herself into a romantic relationship, but that she “does not close the door”.

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