Lucile (Love is in the meadow) reveals the incredible before / after her weight loss, amazing!

Close to her fans, Lucile wants to share her joys as well as her failures with them. Clearly, a handful of followers do not accept it!

Lucile is out of control!

When he’s on the set of Love is in the meadow, Cupid is concentrated. After seeing the portraits of the candidates, he sharpens with his finest arrow. Convinced that Jérôme corresponds to her, Lucile writes a magnificent letter. Almost two years later, she tells herself she was right in taking the plunge.

In this article fromObject, we told you exactly how she tried to motivate the suitors of the new season. If the cameras are scary, it’s not even worth thinking about. On the other hand, if you are ready to invest even with or without the M6’s technical team, we should not hesitate a second longer. Admittedly, viewers have not always been kind to the dwarf parrots. According to a handful of them, they were too fast and skipped a few steps. For them, the more they read the reviews, the less they listen to them. And with good reason, the latest release to date deserves a look. We make status!

In 2022, everything smiles for the star couple Love is in the eng!

In October, Lucile and Jérôme welcome the magnificent Princess Capucine. Two months later, the happy father asks for his bride. It has been decided to arrange this colorful association during the summer season. On the one hand, it will allow them to decide all the details. On the other hand, the young woman wants to lose her pregnancy scion. In February, she takes stock of this fitness project. Halfway through her goal, she admits to having ” I really stagnated with catering tastings, the agricultural show, friends back home. » As can be seen in the group photo above, in the Porte de Versailles, his reunion with the large M6 family lived up to all expectations. But when you’re home again, do not expect her to ” let it go ” the case !

We thought Lucile had many complexes. There’s none of that since shegoes all out, with ten kilos more or less“. Conscious of not being canon, she reveals her leitmotif. ” I simply strive to find the shape and the line. » With a smile, she proves to her followers that she is benevolent incarnate. “Every woman is unique and beautiful, no matter what number on the scale. “Behind their computer or smartphone screen, those who feel bad about themselves are based on the heroine from Love is in the meadow. Without her, life would be so boring!

We no longer recognize Lucile!

Screenshot (c) Instagram (c) jeromeetlucile

To realize her efforts, Lucile decides to make a before / after. If you do not know what the principle is, just put on the same outfit every few months. With the exception of color or size, the sportswear is identical. And yes, his weight shows five kilos less! eager to give a good picture to her fans and to avoid slight criticism, the mother of the lovely Capucine breaks the silence. If she does all this, it’s for ” stay healthy, have another child without emphasizing … Then comes the purely aesthetic side“.

Screenshot (c) Instagram (c) jeromeetlucile

After shopping to find her wedding dress, she has a moving thought for her mother. She comforted him so much when others made fun of her or her weight. No matter how tough his mission is, this quote from Saint-Exépury becomes his mantra. ” You only see clearly with the heart. The essential is invisible to the eye. »

Screenshot (c) Instagram (c) jeromeetlucile

The following, Object will tell you about it in one of the next issues. In the meantime, we send Lucile a lot of courage and devotion. And that it continues to ignore nauseating and unconstructive reflections. Recently fallen victim to a hack, the two lovers sound the alarm and then calm down. This summer, she is writing a new chapter for this wonderful adventure that makes you dream. By becoming Madame (de) Jérôme, she will be eager to preserve their triangular, and who knows, soon 4?

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