Television. Cherbourg: Clémence Castel’s confidence in her romantic relationship with Marie Vallognes

Clémence Castel confided in France 2.

It’s a magnificent life lesson it Clemence Castel. Invited this one Friday, March 18, 2022 on France 2in the morning show “La maison des maternales”, the double winner of Koh Lanta on TF1 confided in host Agathe Lecaron for about fifteen minutes. She shared “the real emotional tsunami” experienced two years ago.

The 37-year-old woman, manager of the HQ bar in Cherbourg-en-Cotentin (Manche) and co-manager of the nightclub Le Kaluma with her partner Marie Vallognes, thus returned to her romantic relationship.

Two years ago, Clémence Castel had ended her relationship with Manchois Mathieu Johann, best known for her participation in the “Star Academy” program. She did, though two children with the latter, Louis (9 years) and Marin (7 years). “It was a normal family, with its ups and downs,” she said at the beginning of her testimony.

“Disturbing and confusing”

It was when Marie Vallognes left her position at headquarters to devote herself to engineering that Clémence Castel gradually realized emotions which she bound for her present companion.

His departure affected me more than it should have. We had a good professional and friendly relationship. The fact of watching her go, realizing that I almost want no more contact with her, was the triggering event for me already to admit things to myself. There was already an attraction that I hid a little under the rug.

Clemence Castel

First it was ” disturbing and confusing “. Then comes a “long reflection”, which lasts several months. “I kept it to myself. I was a little ashamed. It was a blessing in disguise, there was no one to influence me. I asked myself the right questions to make the right choice. The conclusion was that my happiness necessarily went through it. It was already a big job to be able to take on my appeal for a woman. “

“A lot of fear”

During this reflection, Clémence Castel thinks a lot about her children. She wanted to “make a choice with them in mind”, which caused “a lot of fear”.

This slowed me down a lot. I was afraid to disturb them a lot. The trigger came when I was wondering if I was a bad mom. The answer was no, because I will always be there for them no matter what.

The time has just come to talk to Marie Vallognes about it, “a leap into the void”. “I had absolutely no idea about his love status. But I had to tell him he should leave it to someone. Marie, benevolent and kind, was necessarily the best placed person. The two women discover mutual feelings.

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A hard time

A few days later, the adventurer from Koh-Lanta has to announce the news to his spouse. “A difficult moment”, but a must.

I do not like to lie to people. I would not have seen myself be unfaithful to him and live a double life. When I told him that, he fell off the chair, as I did when I discovered my feelings for Marie. There were misunderstandings, many questions and a bit of anger, which I understand. We had to use the right words, reassure him.

Then it was the kids’ turn. First, Clémence Castel and Mathieu Johann address the issue of separation. In another step, very gradually, the star on the small screen presents his new companion to his two sons. “We wanted to influence them as little as possible. In the end, the separation affected them more than my life as a couple with a woman.”

There is no doubt that many people will find themselves in this very strong testimony of Clémence Castel.

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