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The International Dental Federation (FDI) today launched its first Consensus statement on environmentally sustainable oral care this statement aims to shift the oral health sector towards more environmentally friendly practices that ultimately reduce the profession’s CO2 footprint.

The Consensus Declaration was released today at a special summit hosted by FDI, which brought together a wide range of influential stakeholders, including industry figures as well as health professionals, academic experts, legislators and dental associations.

“Many will be surprised to learn that the healthcare sector is responsible for about five percent of global greenhouse gas emissions: Oral care is a major contributor,” said Ihsane Ben Yahya, president of FDI and dean of the Faculty of Dentistry at Mohammed. VI University of Health Sciences in Casablanca (Morocco).

“The dental industry has a collective responsibility to reduce its impact on the environment, and today’s consensus statement is the first important step towards achieving this. The Declaration of Consensus reflects the growing recognition in the field of oral health care that we must strive to improve oral health in a sustainable way in line with UN goals. Healthier mouths mean a healthier planet. »

Oral health care contributes to the environmental impact through air pollution due to the release of CO2 in travel and transport, waste incineration, lack of recyclable packaging, exposure to greenhouse gases from anesthetic gases such as nitrous oxide and high water consumption.

The Consensus Statement identifies the complex factors underlying current behaviors and practices and recommends remediation strategies based on the 4 Rs: Reduce, reuse, reuse and rethink.

She highlights some of the inevitable environmental impacts by offering available dental checkups and treatments to support good oral health and reduce health inequalities. She also advocates a reduction in “avoidable” oral care and argues that the best way to achieve this is to provide and maintain high quality oral care, with an emphasis on prevention by promoting good oral hygiene, a healthy diet with low sugar content and the absence. of tobacco.

“Prevention is better than cure, and it is the most effective and practical way to reduce the need for clinical intervention and the associated environmental impacts,” said Prof. Nicolas Martin, President of the Task Force on FDI on Sustainability in Dentistry and Clinical Professor of Restorative Dentistry at the University of Sheffield School of Clinical Dentistry in the United Kingdom.

“When treatment is needed, oral care should focus on providing long-lasting fillings using high-quality products and materials that last longer and / or require fewer replacements.”

The consensus statement is supported by a brief comment Sustainable oral health care – a common stakeholder approach published today in International Dental Journal .

About FDI (International Dental Federation)

The International Dental Federation is the most important representative body of more than one million dental surgeons in the world. Its membership includes about 200 national dental associations and specialist groups in more than 130 countries. FDI aims to lead the world towards optimal oral health.

About the project Sustainability in dental care

The FDI Sustainability in Dentistry project was created to motivate and inspire commitment to reducing dental care’s collective CO2 footprint, targeting GPs, patients and the supply chain itself. The project will produce a range of tools and resources that will enable dental practice and patients to be more environmentally friendly. The consensus statement has been developed through collaboration between several stakeholders and will result in a code of practice that will provide guidelines and goals for achieving a sustainable procurement and delivery process. This code will be signed by co-signatories throughout the supply chain.

The project is supported by our founding partners: Colgate, GSK Consumer Healthcare, Dentsply Sirona, Procter & Gamble and TePe.

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