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“We’re now moving on to the right topics,” warns Allison Chassagne (whose YouTube channel “Glamouze” you may know). What is your morning routine? “When he hears this unexpected question, François-Henri Pinault, President and CEO of Kering, can not hold back an outburst of laughter. No doubt he has never been asked this question in an interview! type of requests that female business leaders need to respond to regularly when dealing with the media. a man’s thing. “

This is exactly what the French collective Sista, which fights for greater equality in entrepreneurship, tried to demonstrate through an information campaign sent on March 24, 2022. The video is produced in collaboration with the production Mirova Forward, so unusual, so surprising , that it did not take long to attract the full attention of the internet. During a three-minute cross-interview, Allison Chassage, who plays a journalist, poses all the cliché questions, generally reserved for women, to eight male bosses. Among the leaders who took part in the exercise are Nicolas Hiéronimus (L’Oréal), Xavier Niel (Iliad-Free), Frédéric Mazzella (BlaBlaCar), Cédric O ‘(Foreign Minister) or even Jean-Marie Tritant (Unibail-Rodamco). -Westfield).

“Is it still difficult for a man in 2022 to prioritize his career?”

“What’s your beauty address in Paris? Who’s your secretary? What’s your ideal weight? Is it still difficult for a man in 2022 to focus on his career? Faced with these questions, leaders raise their eyebrows in confusion, stammer, erupt in laugh or struggle to weave coherent answers.But one thing is for sure: They are not used to the press daring to ask them about their feelings or their privacy.A striking difference, knowing that women are unfortunately used to it.With FranceInfo, Tatiana explained Jama, co-founder of Sista: “It’s not overt misogyny. And since it’s all subtle, no one really notices it. That’s why our guests are so confused! ”

“How do you deal with your fraudulent syndrome?”

“You are very beautiful,” Allison Chassagne told Frédéric Mazzella, president and founder of BlaBlaCar, before reassuring François-Henri Pinault: “It’s going to be fine!” The humor in these moments obviously lies in the reaction of the leaders, which fluctuates between embarrassment and surprise. From time to time, one of them even admits that he had never asked such a question before. This is a particularly memorable reaction in the case of fraudulent syndrome (the act of convincing oneself that one is not keeping goals or that one does not deserve the place one has achieved), often associated with women. Asked about the doubts that are likely to plague him in connection with his position, Philippe Zaouati seems confused: “I doubt it? Why? No, I do not doubt it,” he replies, visibly surprised by the question that so many women already have heard.

At the end of the video, Cédri O, Secretary of State in charge of digitization, admits: “It’s not bad. It’s the repetition that’s a little annoying. By reversing the roles in this way, the video opens our eyes to the bias that still exists. in place, subtly installed in our habits and still influencing the vision of female entrepreneurs.A great way to shake things up.

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