A cat approaches a lonely kitten and begins to raise her with her family, beautiful!

Cat: A little kitten called Pluto arrived at the Dorset Rescue Kittens after his mother-in-law became ill and stopped caring for him and his siblings. He was the only one of his litter who survived when he from the start showed his willingness to fight for his life.

According to Cailey Seymour, the founder of the rescue center, the kitten was in critical condition after not being fed for several days.

Cailey told Love Meow:

“They had to put him in an incubator with oxygen support, warm him up and slowly rehydrate him before we could feed him.”


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Throughout the first night, Pluto was fed and received special care every hour. He gradually gained strength and became more lively. The staff did not know if the kitten would make it; the forecast was not very encouraging, for none of his brethren had survived.

But after five days of intensive care, Pluto began to gain weight and eat well, and was on his way to full recovery. Very quickly he became a lively and attentive kitten and started wiggling his little paws, trying to move around and play with his caregivers.

But even though he received good care from his caregivers and had great comfort, the kitten was missing something, he was missing a mother and siblings.

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Fortunately, a week after Pluto arrived, a cat family of six kittens arrived at the facility. A cat named Bib and her five kittens three weeks old was rescued from a wandering life on the streetsand Cailey took care of them.

The best part is that the kittens from Bib were the same age as those of Pluto and their physical characteristics were very similar, they looked like brothers and sisters.

Cailey commented:

“When we had Mother Bib, I knew it would be a good decision to see if she would accept Pluto.”

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After a few days, Bib adapted to his new environment, quickly showed his true personality and began it enjoy the comfort.

Bib was more confident and enjoyed spending time with the people who cared for her, especially to be showered with hugs and caresses. Eventually, the moment came, Cailey wrapped little Pluto in a blanket and placed him in front of Mama Bib. The woman waited anxiously for Bib’s answer, and without thinking the cat went to the lone kitten and began to look after it.

Cailey added:

“She did not even think about it. She started caring for him and bringing him closer to her own babies, as if she knew he needed her. He became attached to it right away, it made me cry. »

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Immediately, Pluto hugged his new mother and melted into her arms, after all that was what he wanted. The kitten is always with his new siblings to warm up and play, but he still gets bottle.

Although Pluto is still a bottle kitten, he really loves to cuddle with his siblings and his mother cat, it’s really magical to see him in the family. Bib never rejected Pluto, and ever since she met him, she cleans and cares for him even more than her own babies.

Caley said:

“Usually she cuddles him while her babies suckle.”

Nothing compares to the love and care a mother can give. Fortunately, Pluto found the right mother. Now the little kitten is playing with his new family and communicating with his new mother, as if he had known her forever.

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Kat: Rescue Center staff will continue to feed Pluto for as long as necessary, but are assured he has finally found what he longs for.

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