Falling in love with your sister’s boyfriend: what are you doing?

We know that emotions can not be controlled and it is sometimes a shame. To be able to control our crushes and choose whose heart fall in love, would save us from many problems. Among any of them? Falling in love with his sister’s girlfriend. We do not want to spoil you, but we were very inspired by season 2 of Bridgerton Chronicle. Yes, it is very swamp as a situation, we confirm it to you. But if we know it’s problematic, we do not always know it how to react when faced with it. Do not panic, we give you all our advice to deal with this catastrophic situation.

I’m in love with my sister’s boyfriend, what should I do?

There is nothing more true than diction “The heart has its reasons, which reason ignores”. Why would he choose to look at our sister’s spouse, our blood, probably our best friend, in short, one of the people we care about the most. Especially since in this situation we tend to blame ourselves, even to hate ourselves. We makes you feel guilty to feel it for our sister’s lover, and that’s understandable. However, we must remember that emotions do not depend on us, on the other hand, what we do with them. Falling in love with his sister’s girlfriendis to take the risk of breaking a family bond. She may resent you and the rest of your family. Your whole little cocoon could be crushed because of this love you did not choose. So depending on what you want, you will have to act accordingly. Do you prefer the choice of the heart or the family bond?

How do I deal with my feelings for my brother-in-law?

First things to do: accept the fact that you are not a monster. Other things: talk about. Maybe not to your sister first, but it will be important to release what you are thinking about. Trust yourself to a friend about how you feel. By remaining in denial, we tend to dwell on and cultivate these emotions. Then they get stronger and stronger until they can no longer be held back. That would be better free yourself from this weight and know that you have someone to express your feelings to. Also, find out if it is a small crush or much deeper emotion. This will be followed by working with yourself to make those feelings go away. Take time to distance yourself from this person. The less you see her or have contact with her, the easier it will be to forget her. Plus, keep your mind busy. Meet people. Maybe you want to look at another person? But what is certain is that you will have to do it for a while focus on yourself. If it’s a one-sided love, you can choose to keep it to yourself and to bury this secret forever. On the other hand, if you noticed that it was reciprocal, then you will have to talk to your sister about it.

How do you talk about it with your sister?

Some people may never choose to reveal this secret to their sister, and that is understandable. However, for maintain the bond of trust between you and your sister, it is better to play the card of honesty. If you have noticed that your brother-in-law also has feelings for you, so much the more reason. She will definitely prefer that you dare to confide in her your feelings and the situation, instead of it ending up learning it by itself because you will not be able to control everything anymore. And yes, the more we push back, the more it turns out. Also, if you pull away from her for no reason, she may ask herself. After you start your work and clear your mind, Ask him to meet you in a neutral but intimate place. Open up about how you are feeling by apologizing and insisting that it was not your goal. Also, explain to him that it’s because you love him, and that you will not betray her, that you have decided to confide in her. Assure her that you will not hurt her relationship and that you will do everything you can to make your feelings go away. Also warn her about her other half’s behavior. If you do not want to hurt her, you also do not want her to live in a relationship where the person does not love her as it should. Remember that as long as you have not committed the irreparable, you have not done anything wrong. And so, who knows? Perhaps she had already intended to leave him, and will give you her blessing to live your idyll as you see fit.

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