Here is your horoscope for this Thursday, March 31, 2022: love, money, work, health …

What day should you expect emotionally, financially or healthily? Check it out below with our complete horoscope, sign by sign.

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Love: Your loves are in great shape, you see the future in pink. Couple projects are preferred. The current climate is particularly lively and everything seems to be working for you in this area. However, it is not impossible that a quarrel with a member of your family will bring you down from your little cloud. Nothing serious, just enough to annoy you for a moment.

Work-Money: You will have the opportunity to prove that you have a useful overview, so resign. You are confident in yourself and that is good, but remember to deal with diplomacy, it will save you some unpleasant remarks or even some useless saliva. It’s a good time to invest your money, but first and foremost you need to do your homework.

Health: Your good tone will help you face this busy day, but you will need to learn how to manage your energy capital. Avoid spreading yourself and wasting time on trivia. Do not forget to recharge your batteries by eating a balanced diet.

Atmosphere: An unusually calm day.

Tip: Do not trust people around you to tell you what to do. Trust yourself.


Love: Your partner will take good care of you. Take advantage of it, it will do you the greatest benefit. You will finally be able to breathe and give yourself some time together.

Work-Money: If your professional life tends to stagnate, you may have the opportunity to breathe new life into your activities. This will be a great time to develop projects that are close to your heart.

Health: Fatigue will be felt at the end of the day.

Atmosphere: Exciting but exhausting day.

Advice: You already have a lot to do, now is not the time to find new jobs!


Love: You will be content to dream of true love … but expect certain upheavals that you did not anticipate in the program, and above all, do not worry.

Work-Money: The professional atmosphere will be a bit confrontational and you may lose a lot of your patience there. Don’t worry, getting off track will not make things better.

Health: It’s high time to recharge your batteries! You are not inexhaustible.

Atmosphere: Tension is rising today!

Advice: A little relaxation session would do you the greatest benefit. Do not wait to be about to end.


Love: Passion and tenderness will be present. But jealousy can interfere if you are not careful.

Work-Money: Businesses today will be successful. But if you are not ready, do not go.

Health: Improve your lifestyle to avoid minor health problems.

Atmosphere: A little destabilizing day.

Tip: Turn your smile into a weapon against complainants. do not get infected!


Love: Nothing too exciting in this area. This neutrality should not deter you, it is only temporary. Circumstances will allow you to improve your family relationships. But there will still be a lot to do to give your life as a couple all the charm as possible.

Work-Money: On the professional side, you will benefit from a helping hand from fate, which will allow you to move on quickly. Your sense of organization should help you overcome obstacles without too much hassle. You should consolidate your position.

Health: You enjoy a good natural defense, but you can still feel a slight drop in form. Now is the time to take care of yourself.

Atmosphere: Fairly neutral day.

Tip: Remodeling a room does not necessarily mean changing everything. New curtains and pillows are sometimes sufficient


Love: Do not try to provoke your partner, you may be surprised by his reaction. Arousing his jealousy is not a good idea. You would pay dearly for it! A clarification would be much more effective, although a dispute is inevitable, reconciliation will be much more pleasant than long-term tensions.

Work-Money: You are not on vacation and you need to get together before you get into trouble. In fact, they will soon fall on you if you continue at this speed. Your current dilettantism will eventually be noticed. In addition, you tend to spend more than necessary and the balance in your budget becomes unstable. It’s time to dump her and move on.

Health: You will feel a little tired at the end of the day, but that does not stop you from going to bed late. For a while, you have felt that sleeping is a waste of time and you risk paying for it one day or another.

Atmosphere: Communication is distorted.

Tip: Do not follow any idea that pops into your head. Take time for reflection.


Love: It is in the strictest intimacy that you find what you are basically striving for. As a family, you may encounter some difficulties with your children or with your parents. The generational difference really does exist!

Work-Money: Creative ideas emerge spontaneously. Prepare them before you talk about them. Take care of the details and be discreet if you need help. You will need to make an effort to keep your finances in balance.

Health: You want to be particularly dynamic and this can force you to take risks. If you play sports, do not forget to warm up.

Atmosphere: Really good day.

Tip: Do not get carried away by your beautiful energy and audacity. Think before you act.


Love: Your partner’s reactions can enrich your view of things … do not be obsessed. Take the time to listen and understand, you may even end up taking certain views.

Work-Money: You will have the opportunity to surpass yourself thanks to the new freedoms that will be given to you. Your ideas are positive, we will listen to you, do not doubt it.

Health: Too much nervousness. Preserve your energy and nervousness.

Atmosphere: Slightly tense mood.

Tip: Do not take advantage of the kindness or goodwill of a colleague or neighbor.


Love: Do not take yourself so seriously! Put a little imagination into your life. You will find that it will soothe you and free your mind. Even your body should relax!

Work-Money: This is the time to decide whether you want to accept a collaboration or not. Official procedures are encouraged. Ask a friend for advice if the choice remains uncertain.

Health: You have a healthy lifestyle.

Atmosphere: You have all the cards!

Advice: Do not say no if you are offered an excursion: cinema, theater, concert … it will do you the best.


Love: You will find it difficult to control your receptivity, and unnecessary quarrels can break out with your loved ones. Take it upon yourself and do not leave in a hurry, especially if it is you who is to blame.

Work-Money: OBS! Your taste for independence can cause some tension with your professional entourage. You will not be able to manage on your own this time, and you will need to take into account the opinion of your business partners.

Health: Good vitality and good resistance. What luck!

Atmosphere: Energetic day.

Tip: If you want to stand out from others, look original, you can customize your clothes.


Love: It swims for you! Everything will be fine in the love sector, whether you are in a relationship or single. On the other hand, do not expect anything special from this day, no good or bad surprise in sight.

Work-money: Not everything will be rosy financially, especially if you have lacked the rigor of managing your budget lately. You may be apprehending an important business meeting. Be confident in yourself and your abilities and everything will be fine.

Health: How about taking a vitamin regimen? It would benefit you. Do not wait to be flat acting. In addition, regular physical activity will allow you to maintain your shape. So make good decisions!

Atmosphere: It’s getting better tomorrow!

Advice: You have no choice but to tighten your belt a little to find a financial balance.

The fish

Love: Today the stars will give you a boost in the love sector! Single, you might have the opportunity to charm or even seduce the person you like! As a couple, participation will be there.

Work-Money: Your ideas are pretty much original. It is not certain that they will appeal to everyone, but you will have to adopt them if you are convinced that they are necessary and feasible. You need to be careful not to spend too much, even to please a loved one.

Health: You will not be immune to intestinal diseases. It has to be said that for the last few weeks, your diet has been a bit anarchic and your digestive system could well revolt. If you improve your lifestyle, everything will be fine.

Atmosphere: The horizon clears.

Tip: You tend to eat what you can get your fingers in, pay attention to expiration dates.

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