His illness, the support of his wife, his 5 daughters, Demi Moore …

The news fell like a chopper: American actor Bruce Willis is stopping his career for health reasons. According to a statement from his family, the “Unbreakable” actor has aphasia. His clan supports the star actor and the young father …

It’s hard to imagine the saga’s star actor die hard never returns to the big screen again. It was through his family that Bruce Willis, 67, announced that he was definitely retiring from the filming he loved so much. The cause: brain damage.

Rumer Willis: ‘Our beloved Bruce suffers from aphasia’

It was on Instagram that the eldest of her children, Rumer Willis, 33, shared his father’s state of health via a gripping message. To illustrate his words, a photo of his mocking father, small round glasses on the tip of his nose, mischievous glances and a smile. “To all of Bruce’s amazing supporters as a family, we would like to share that our beloved Bruce is experiencing health issues and has just been diagnosed withaphasia, which affects its cognitive abilities. Therefore, and after careful consideration, Bruce is ending a career that meant so much to him. “

The aphasia that the actor suffers from is a pathology of the central nervous system which is particularly characterized by language disorders. A disease that would not affect his intelligence but would give him trouble expressing himself, as well as understanding others. A health condition that affects his career leaves his fans orphaned, but also has consequences for his personal and family life.

Rumer Willis: ‘This is a very trying time for our family’

Visibly very moved, the actor’s eldest daughter continues: “This is a very trying time for our family and we are so grateful for your continued love, compassion and support. We are reviewing this as a united family and we wanted to inform his fans because we are well aware of what he means to you and you to him.. “

Bruce Willis, superstar from the 80s

Bruce Willis made action movies an integral part of popular cultureespecially through the saga die hard (1988), in the steadfast John McClane’s shoes. A sure bet in Hollywood, he has a number of super productions (58 minutes to Live, A Day in Hell), run under the direction of the greatest instructors: The last Samaritan (1991) by Tony Scott, pulp fiction (1994) by Quentin Tarantino, Leon (1994) and The fifth element (1997) by Luc Besson …) Performances hailed by public and critical success, with the common thread in his good face, his shaved head, his cunning smile.

Bruce Willis, very close to his ex-Demi Moore

Because Bruce Willis is more than a muscular star, he agrees. Born in Germany on March 19, 1957, Bruce Willis, who has spent his entire career in the United States, was naturalized American in 1988, but is still close to his origins. On his 50th birthday, he was appointed ambassador for his hometown of Idar-Oberstein.

Backstage completes his marriage to actress Demi Moore his popularity. Together they have three daughters: Rumer Willis 33, Scout Larue 30, Tallulah Belle, 28. He shows the role of a good husband, a good father who finds his balance between private and public life, in the spotlight. Married until 2000, the couple divorced but remained on good terms. Since then, Bruce Willis has found love again withEmma Heming, with whom he had two daughters: Mabel born in 2012, and little Evelyn born in 2014. After all, in recent months, Bruce Willis has appeared in the arms of a young woman by name Lindsay de Santoon Instagram …

His final weeks were surrounded by rumors of Bruce Willis, beaming over his absence, especially during the 94th ceremony of the Oscars. Some mentioned short-term memory loss … Today, the entire Willis clan is united behind the actor facing adversity. As can be seen from the text shared by Rumer Willis, signed by all the women in his life, including his ex Demi Moore, with whom he celebrated his birthday. Anyone who has just celebrated his 67th birthday on March 19 can count on the support of his loved ones but also of his fans worldwide.

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