How to have free plants at home: 5 smart tips

We can never repeat it enough: thanks to their anti-stress properties, plants promote well-beinghelp to clean the interior air and bring a completely magnificent natural decorative touch that can even be completely free if you do it right! Enough to redo the whole decor of your house or apartment and bring a nice touch of sweetness without breaking the bank or having to buy lots of polluting and not at all organic items.

It’s actually quite possible to have free plants at homeeither by buying a few small ones at a low price (therefore really cheap as you can only manage for a few euros per jar) and then by walking them, or by walking in nature (a park, a field, a forest) and make cuttings of what you find, so seeds that you exchange, etc.

There are many very easy ways to do this and you do not need any special knowledge to get there.

Aline Dessine has posted a very interesting video on the subject on her YouTube channel and shows lots of tricks in pictures. For example, she succeeded propagate some of its plants in less than 2 years, thus obtaining 10 plants of the same variety from a single pot! The proof that it is possible to turn your interior into a really small green frame for real cheap.

To summarize, you can have free plants at home:

1. by multiplying the plants we already have : if you are lucky enough to have one or a few plants at home, simply take a healthy stem and, depending on the variety, immerse it in water until the roots grow or in a pot filled with compost so that it develops quietly.

2. by asking relatives or friends who own plants, about a stem or a leaf : if you know relatives who have plants that you do not have at home, why not offer them to exchange or just give you a stem to make a cutting? A single stem should not be missing from them, but will allow you, if you succeed in your cutting, to achieve a whole free new plant !

3. by gathering free stems or leaves which belongs to or will not be missed by anyone in nature! This applies to outdoor plants which you can then put in your garden or on your balcony, as all you have to do is take a small healthy stem from where you find it, without obviously using it in a garden or a bed made on purpose , but it is possible in the woods, on the edge of the field or in any room where this pole will not be missed by anyone. Some subscribers advised in the comments to the video to pick up the stems that lay on the ground in the garden center because they fell naturally anyway, I’m not sure I would dare go that far honestly as the purpose of a garden center is still to sell plants on site, but it is quite possible to do the same on a path, a public passage, etc. where no one for once will realize the existence of this severed stem, which will eventually die if you do not take care of it.

4. by sprouting lemon, orange, grapefruit, mandarin seeds, avocado pitsetc: you can do this with many fruits and vegetables and it can allow you to do thathas absolutely amazing free plants provided you are patient! We give you 8 tips for growing a lemon or orange treewe also explain to you how to grow an avocado tree at home from an avocado pit herediscover these too 10 fruits and vegetables you can grow indefinitely.

5. by exchanging plants or seeds : there are associations of garden enthusiasts who happily exchange or donate plants, seeds, flowers, etc. Find out if there is one near you as this would be a great way to expand your small family green plants for free or for just a few euros!

To get ahead, you can draw a lot of ideas from:

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