How to make a water tank for birds in a few simple steps to attract them to the garden in the spring?

Feeding birds in the winter is truly an activity worth admiring. They will easily survive thanks to this human gesture. Given the reduced populations of certain species, we must raise awareness and take responsibility for stopping the extinction of the feathered species as well as that of the bees. Food in the freezing season and water in the dry season are vital for the animals. Aside from feeders in your backyard, commit to making a birdhouse with a few simple steps.

Why make a watering can for birds in the garden?

Perhaps one would say that birds do not have difficulty finding food and water in spring and summer. In part, yes! But providing them with seeds and making a waterhole for birds is an ecological gesture and … a kind of mutual help. Because it will attract them to your garden and provide you with lots of services. For example, protecting your plants from harmful insects and helping with pollination.

bird water for the garden needs clean fresh water baths

Birds need fresh, clean water to drink and bathe. Giving water improves their habitats and increases your chances of observing and enjoying their habits. These visitor-singers are relaxing to watch and can rid your lawn of weeds.

Water for birds at hand

bird water select shallow container easy to clean

Each has outdated containers, either an old frying pan or baking tin. It is enough that it is shallow and easy to clean to choose it as a beverage. Plastic bottles are also good for this case. If you have a yard, you can dig a low hole and cover it with plastic or other waterproof material. Although feathered birds prefer water basins that are on the ground, consider whether cats pose a danger and place the bird trough three to four feet off the ground. Put sand in the bottom of the container and put a few branches or stones in it so the birds can stand on it and drink without getting wet. This is especially important in the winter, when it is important to maintain body heat in order to survive in the cold.

drinks for birds put sandy bottom container arrange branches pebbles inside

You can try an immersion heater to prevent the water from freezing in the bath. These heaters are safe and cost a penny a day to operate, or you can try putting a bulb in a flowerpot and placing the basin of water on top. The bulb will prevent the water from freezing. To keep the water fresh, remember to change and clean it every other day before it gets green and old.

What do you get to make a water tank for birds in a few steps?

bird pliers wooden plate bottle metal wires

According to the guide to making a water trough in the garden you will need: Pliers, a wooden board, a bottle, metal wires, a screw and a bolt, a plastic bowl, a glue chair and a drill.

  • First, glue the bottle cap in the center of a plastic bowl with a glue chair.
  • Make a hole in the center of the cork with the drill. Then insert a screw and bolt them together.
  • Using the glue gun, attach a wooden plate to the bottom of the plastic bowl.

bird drinker drill three holes neck plastic bottle saucer

  • Drill three holes in the neck of a plastic bottle. These holes will gradually allow the water to flow into the saucer.
  • To be able to hang the bottle, tie its bottom with a thread with pliers.
  • Fill the bottle with water and screw it into the lid that was glued to the saucer in step one.

standing water tank for birds set bottle upside down saucer water drain limited quantity

  • Put the bottle upside down with the saucer. Since water is dripping here in a limited amount, there will be no waste.

The bird drinker is ready for use. Hang it in a tree or post to make it more accessible to feathered visitors.

get a bird drinker to use plastic waste container buy cement birdbath

Since water is important, how do you give it then? It does not matter if you use a plastic trash can lid, buy a cement bird bath at your local lawn decor store or build a small pond. It is best to provide a shallow container. It is important to keep the water clean. Stagnant water quickly becomes contaminated and can transmit diseases. Change it every other day. Also scrub the stone or metal container with a wire brush to prevent algae buildup.

how to make a water tank for birds sublime landscaping create natural surroundings

No matter what your water machine, do it yourself or purchased specifically to enhance landscaping, you will create natural surroundings around the water. The birds will feel more comfortable there and will want to return. By providing water, you may be able to see birds in your garden that you have never noticed before.

bird water for garden noise water currents loving birds hard to resist

Finally a tip that will help you attract birds: the sound of running water acts as a magnet for them and they can not resist. A simple way is to drill a small hole in a plastic bucket, fill it with water and hang it over the small basin. You can also buy a small “drip hose”, which, when connected to an external faucet, slowly releases water into the container. If you are planning to build a fountain or a pool, plan a small waterfall using a recirculating water pump to keep the water flowing.

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