Lots of announcements at Le Lézard Noir on March 31, 2022

The news looks good The black lizard in the coming months! We were actually able to hear about the arrival of four new manga from the Poitevin publishing house.

First the talented ones Eldo Yoshimizu (Ryuko, Gamma Draconis) returns next month with his new original project, where he is both screenwriter and designer: Hen Kai Pan. In ancient Greek, “hen kai pan” means “everything is one”. This is the famous expression that confirms the pantheism of the philosopher Spinoza: “God is nature”. Here, Eldo Yoshimizu will stage the Spirits of the Earth, who are responsible for judging the present era and the behavior of mankind: their opinions diverge and conflicts multiply. Hen Kai Pan is above all the story of the formation of the young Asura, the goddess of destruction of the future: how will she use her power, being aware that all life comes from the divinity?

The publisher promises us a metaphysical one-shot on the consequences of human activity on the planet and the possible end of humanity. Expected release on April 22at a price of 18 €.

Arrived last year at the publishing house with the excellent Le Rakugo, à la vie, à la mort, la mangaka Haruko Kumota returns, usually in the month d Junewith The big cross, a 2-volume series she drew in Japan in 2016-2017 for Itan de Kôdansha magazine, where she edited the eponymous novel by Shion Miura (available in France from Actes Sud). This work also had an animated adaptation in the fall of 2016, which Kumota is credited with the original character design, and which was released in France on Amazon Prime Video under the name The Great Passage.

On the history side, we follow Mitsuya Majime, who works in the sales department at Genbu shobô publishing house. His keen sense of the right word enabled him to join the dictionary service team. He will have to, together with his new work colleagues who share the same love of words as him, immerse themselves with body and soul in the production of a new dictionary: La Grande Traversée … Surrounded by collaborators who are equal as relentless as him to find the right word, he throws himself with body and soul into this project, which for several years will change his life deeply …

Finally, the publisher briefly unveiled the release last night, for 2023of two highly noted works.

Primarily, Hirayasumi – Flat House Lifethe brand new series from an emblematic author from the publisher, viz Keigo Shinzo (Mauvaise Herbe, Tokyo Alien Bros., Holiday Junction, Summer of Lave, Moriyama Middle School Driving School). Running in Japan since 2021 in Shôgakukan’s Big Comic Spirits magazine with currently 2 volumes on the watch, this work recently finished in third place in the prestigious 2022 Taisho Manga Award, behind the big winner Darwin’s Incident and Look Back.

In this part of life, we will follow Hiroto Ikuta, a 29-year-old man who only has a part-time job. No full-time job for him, nor a romantic relationship that does not prevent him from living his life peacefully without worrying about the future. When his 18-year-old cousin, Natsumi, comes to live with him, Hiroto will learn to rub shoulders with people who are much more tormented than him.

Then it’s simply the 4th of the Manga Taisho Award 2022, which will also be in the publisher’s catalog next year: Onna no sono no hoshiwhich will allow us to finally discover the young and promising mangaka in France Yama Wayama. Launched in Japan in 2020 in the excellent magazine Feel Young from Shôdensha editions, the work, in only 2 volumes published to date, has also been widely noticed by the public (volume 2 took first place in the bestseller Oricon the week before its release) than by critics ( in addition to its 4th place at the last Manga Taisho award, it had already been nominated for this award the year before, finishing first in the category Kono manga ga sugoi! 2021 “manga for girls” and winning the award “Social Impact” at the 25th. Japan Media Arts Festival).

This is a comedy set in a school made up entirely of girls, focusing on a language teacher named Hoshi-sensei and the carefree play the students involve him in. The story begins when Kayama, a student, hands the class diary to Hoshi -sensei. While the students play word string like drawings in the remarks column of the diary, Hoshi-sensei gets confused.

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