Macron in the offensive against the far right “tandem”

“They say everything and everything”: Emmanuel Macron went on the offensive on Thursday against the far right “tandem” Eric Zemmour and Marine Le Pen. He particularly attacked the candidate at RN, in full swing thanks to his campaign focused on purchasing power.

Only ten days before the first round of the presidential election, the presidential candidate returns to the field, which set aside the Ukrainian cause for a very long walk during a trip devoted to ecology in Charente-Maritime (Where is).

In the presidential camp, general mobilization has been decreed, as a new duel with Marine Le Pen according to the polls becomes clearer for the second round, as in 2017, but perhaps much more uncertain this time.

“I see a tandem coming limping, saying everything and its opposite, which in any case remains convinced by the same ideas, divides the country,” launched Mr. Macron in Fouras, without mentioning them to Marine Le Pen and Eric Zemmour.

Trivialization of the far right

“They say everything and anything, already saying that they are going to meetings together, that they are hand in hand,” he continued. He condemned a trivialization of the far right and called Mrs Le Pen’s party by its former name “National Front”, as to better refer it to its past, its commitments and show that it had not changed.

By constantly associating her with Eric Zemmour’s very radical discourse, candidate Macron thus wants to “re-demonize” his rival, who seeks to normalize and level his image with a resolute social discourse while preserving the fight against violence in his DNA. insecurity and immigration.

“Fight to convince”

When the presidential candidate came late in the race and was highly mobilized by the war in Ukraine, he promised to “fight to continue convincing”. Despite a minimal campaign so far, he still gets the lead in the voting intentions in the first round, around 28%. But Marine Le Pen has exceeded the 20% limit in recent days, and the difference is narrowing a little more in the second round.

In particular, an opinion poll, published on Wednesday, gives Emmanuel Macron 52.5% and the candidate for the National Rally (RN) 47.5%. It gives Macronie cold sweat, which now focuses her attacks on the far right candidate, a sign of the danger she represents.

“An election never falls from the sky, you have to go and get it,” commented government spokesman Gabriel Attal a little earlier, as some euphoria – and thus lack of mobilization – could have won over the latter. time supporters of the head of state, given big favorite of polls for several months.

“He must campaign thoroughly to show that we are in the game,” assured a leader of the majority a few days before the big Paris meeting with Emmanuel Macron on Saturday.

“The planets are in line”

And unlike 2017, where she was beaten sharply in the second round (66/34%), the RN candidate was able to find a precious reserve of votes among voters for Eric Zemmour and even the most radical part of Valéries supports Pécresse (LR, for right), which stagnates around 10 per cent.

“We reap what we sow,” rejoices Marine Le Pen’s chief of staff, Renaud Labaye. “The planets are in line, we had a good campaign, very solid”.

His Deputy Campaign Director Jean-Philippe Tanguy is proud to have “identified the issue of purchasing power very early”. Emmanuel Macron, with retirement as a 65-year-old and an RSA with commitments, makes “very tough proposals to the French” and “contrary to what he had promised”.

fragile republican front

As in 2017, Emmanuel Macron presents himself as the candidate “of the values ​​of the republic” against the far right. But a new Republican front to block the far right is not a matter of course.

With a third place in the polls around 15%, Jean-Luc Mélenchon announced that he would consult the approximately 310,000 people who supported him online in the event of a Macron-Le Pen second round before placing an order. According to the Elabe Institute, 31% of its voters in the first round would vote for Marine Le Pen in the second round and 28% for Emmanuel Macron.

This article has been published automatically. Sources: ats / afp

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