Montargis calls for the creation of a social action center the size of the agglomeration

Are we going to establishment of an inter-municipal social action center (CIAS) ? Such is the hypothesis, which was formulated on Tuesday, March 29, during the meeting of the Montargoise Agglomeration’s Council by the Mayor of Montargis, Benoit Digeon (LR), who also requested that a large conference of mayors in the inter-municipal meet to study the matter.

His proposal hardly seems to have resonated among the other mayors.

“We do everything: vaccination is our job, the Ukrainians are us too … We do not do this to receive compliments, but we do a lot.”

Benoit Digeon (LR), Mayor of Montargis (empty)

On December 23, 2021, the mayor wrote to the Regional Health Agency (ARS) to discuss the issue of a CIAS and the financial burden on the city of Montargis. A few weeks ago, Benoit Digeon said he also sent a copy of this letter to the president of the Montargoise Agglomeration, Jean-Paul Billault, in the hope thata debate could take place in the inter-municipal assembly.

Meeting with four retired volunteers invested in Montargi’s vaccination center

The debate did not take place, although the mayor of Montargis recalled that the municipal center for social action costs the city about 700,000 euros each year. Another charge to the municipality, in favor of Montargois, but also the inhabitants of the urban area, home nursing.

“There are 140 beds in the urban area. It is necessary for Agglo, in a sense of solidarity, to level out all the social assistance we provide.”

Benoit Digeon (empty)

The issue came up again during the vote on subsidies for the social sector. In the list of structures requesting support (including Imanis, Overcoming Cystic Fibrosis, A Thousand Smiles, Free Life or Plateau Pimms), a contribution of 45,000 euros (compared to 35,000 euros in 2021) was claimed by Montargis for the Center for Family Planning and Education (CPEF)exactly depending on the CCAS.

“Young people’s sex life is something important”

If the amount is given in commission, it becomes final amputated by 10,000 euros, to get into Agglo’s budget allocated to social issues (246,640 euros in total for 2022).

An election that angered Benoit Digeon, who defended the importance to young people of the CPEF’s agglomeration, which soon intends to become a “center for sexual and reproductive health”, and for its actions: “I ask you to validate 45,000 Euro, otherwise we will not be able to respond to inquiries from high school studentss and young people who need this help “, he defended, referring to the arrival of an additional doctor.” The sexual life of young people is still something very important! AIDS, condoms, everything also for young girls: There is an ever-increasing demand since families often do not play their part in sex education. “

“We should take from some to give to others”

The president, Jean-Paul Billault, did not want to reconsider his decision, explaining that he wanted to stay within his budget. “We should take from some to give to others!”, He argued. “At the next tip, I will ask you to correct. There is a duration that we will not be able to get in place!“, Continued the mayor of Montargis.

The chairman proposed that reassess needs when revising supplementary budget. Bad answer in the eyes of Benoit Digeon, who intends to convene this great mayoral conference:

“Let everyone come up with their budgets. We’ll have to tackle this problem. We’ll not give up.”

Benoit Digeon (empty)

Pascale Auditeau

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