Norway’s strong advocacy at the FIFA Congress in favor of minorities in Qatar

The president of the Norwegian Football Association, Lise Klaveness, strongly begged workers, women and members of the LGBTQIA + community this Thursday at the FIFA Congress in Qatar. Several members of the international body then defended the Gulf state.

The Norwegian selection had threatened to boycott the World Cup in football 2022. But Erling Haaland’s partners ultimately failed to qualify for the competition, which was contested from 21 November to 18 December in Qatar. Equally, the president of the Norwegian federation, Lise Klaveness, has done away with the golf country and sent a living message in favor of human rights.

“Last year, Norway debated a boycott of the World Cup in 2022. Instead, our members of Congress voted for dialogue and pressure through FIFA as the best way to bring about the necessary changes, launched the head of the Scandinavian body on the eve of the World Cup draw. Our members demand change, they question the ethics of sport and insist on transparency. They “organize themselves to make their voices heard. We must listen! We can not ignore the calls for change. The way FIFA has a say in the perception of football in every association. Fifa will play its role as a role model. “

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Klaveness: “Take all necessary measures”

The former Norwegian national team player then continued his quarrel by more clearly targeting the migrants’ working conditions on the construction sites for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Criticized by many associations, the host country for the next World Cup has always benefited from the support from Fifa. Just this Thursday, Gianni Infantino congratulated the work done by Qatar in respecting human rights. Clearly insufficient development for the chairman of the Norwegian federation.

“Named migrant workers or the families of those who died in preparation for the World Cup had to be taken care of, launched the former player, who at the time was making a career in law. FIFA, all of us, must now take all the necessary steps to actually implement the change. “

A message against discrimination against women and the LGBTQ + community

Lise Klaveness reminded of the importance of good working conditions for migrants before, according to her, she pointed out the numerous discriminations that women and LGBTQ + people are victims of in Qatar, a country where homosexuality remains a crime that can be punished with a trial .

“There is no room for employers who do not ensure the freedom and safety of the World Cup workers. There is no room for leaders who can not host women’s matches, the head of Norwegian football linked. There is no room for hosts who can not legally guarantee the safety and respect of LGBTQ + people who come to this dream theater.

And the Scandinavian leader emphasized the commitment of his federation: “I promise that the Norwegian FA and I will support any initiative that preserves football’s fundamental interests, human rights and promotes diversity and the fight against discrimination. Discrimination. This is also supported by our friends from the other Nordic federations. “

Leaders to help Fifa

A president should not say that. This is basically the message from some members of Fifa after the lively speech given by Lise Klaveness at the body’s congress in Doha. Invited to speak after his colleague, the Secretary-General of the Honduran Federation, defended the international body by emphasizing that the Norwegian should not have made such remarks.

“We understand the concerns of our Norwegian friends, but we do not think this is the right place to discuss this,” Jose Ernesto Mejia responded. We are united as a football family and we know that the government of Qatari has done everything to ensure that the condition of the workers is decent. In my opinion, this was not the right place to address this issue, although my themes that Norway addresses are important. “

Hasan Al Thawadi, chair of the 2022 World Cup organizing committee, also commented on Lise Klaveness’ position. The head of the World Cup in Qatar instructed the Norwegian leader.

“For twelve years, we have ensured that this World Cup will have social, human and state consequences, so this is a crucial moment for this region of the world,” the head of the Qatar Organizing Committee launched to welcome and understand the world in a spirit of openness. , transparency and dialogue. […] I have to share a disappointment because there was no request for a meeting or a visit by the President of the Confederation of Norway. I ask everyone to enter into dialogue with us. We have always been open and have welcomed constructive criticism based on discussion and understanding of the issue or context and progress. We will remain available to all who wish to speak, educate and understand things before they judge. “

Jean-Guy Lebreton RMC Sport journalist

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