The five most beautiful stories about Chalon de Thé, the cat bar that is a hit in Metz

Mehdi Mimèche and Socrate, one of the first cats to be taken in by the Chalon de Thé de Metz (Moselle) when it opened in 2018. (© Antony Speciale / Lorraine News)

Open since August 2018 in the center of Metz (Moselle)rue de la Petite-Boucherie, den Te Chalon is still just as visited by customers, lovers of taste buds with the cats that live there.

The concept was founded by Mehdi Mimèche and his colleague. “We have managed to make the place a reference”, the entrepreneur is delighted.

After three and a half years of opening, Mehdi Mimèche looks back on five beautiful stories that are ingrained in the establishment’s memory. To these he adds the very success of the Chalon de Thé.

Socrates, who became the “big brother” of all the boarding schools

For Mehdi Mimèche, “Socrates is truly the most beautiful story,” he says, referring to the European tabby.

In his old home, his previous owner abused him. He is a very affectionate cat, but who loves his peace and who will bite anyone if he caresses him a little too much. Once he bit his owner, and in return he bit his cat’s ear. The owner got tired so he threw him out. Outside, Socrates was the victim of other dominant cats in the neighborhood. When they managed to save him, he hesitated to meet the other cats and get down from the cattery.

Mehdi MimecheFounder of Chalon de Thé

Eventually, “in less than a week, he blossomed and stayed older brother other cats ”. For example, “when there is a conflict between two cats, it is he who must separate them”. Present since the first days, Socrates has become a full member of this great family.

Girly, former breeding hen adopted by Chalon de Thé

Then Mehdi Mimèche evokes the case of Girly, a female Maine coon.

We could get her back from a farm because she no longer reproduced, so she no longer came with money, and because her owners wanted to get rid of her. When it arrived, it had many bumps. At my vet it took almost half an hour to fix it all.

Mehdi MimecheFounder of Chalon de Thé

When she arrived, “she was stressed, in need of love, and she was in some pain”. Now “it is a cat that has opened and completely blossomed”, according to the head of the Chalon de Thé.

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Xena, rescued from ringworm

Another story this time is about Xena, a female turtle who once lived with dozens of cats in an association.

She was in a small room surrounded by 50 cats where ringworm reigned. It is a fungal disease that causes cats to lose hair.

Mehdi MimecheFounder of Chalon de Thé

Xena was also welcomed by Chalon de Thé. “When we first arrived here, we managed to treat her,” says Mehdi Mimèche.

Prince, moved from Chalon de Thé to the home of the manager’s parents

The fourth story takes place this time in the opposite direction: it started from Chalon de Thé and then continued in a home, and more precisely … that of the founder’s parents.

When Prince arrived, he was happy, but not quite, because he was an exclusive cat, that is, he did not necessarily tolerate other cats around him. He arrived at my parents’ house and overnight there were no more cats around him.

Mehdi MimecheFounder of Chalon de Thé

It was once he arrived at the home of Mehdi Mimèche’s parents that “Prince developed his full potential for love: he became a spinning, meowing and hugging machine”.

Sherkan and Shiva, once traumatized, rescued by Chalon de Thé

The final story deals with a brother and a sister, Sherkan and Shiva, taken in by the Metz establishments and Luxembourg.

They come from a farm that served as a “money machine”. There was no affection for the cats, we fed them by throwing the food on the floor … We got them both back. I placed them first in my house. I had two weeks of working as a cat behavioral researcher to be successful in petting them, they were so traumatized. Just approaching the hand, it was a sign of violence for them.

Mehdi MimecheFounder of Chalon de Thé

After two weeks, “I managed to socialize them through games and sweet talk.” Then “they became the most devoted cats among all those around us. Sherkan was placed at the Chalon de Thé in Metz and the Shiva in Luxembourg.

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