Vitré: Camille and Geoffrey Issoulié want to boost the couture world

Geoffrey and Camille Issoulié have a large stock of drugs © Le Journal de Vitré

When you open the door to the Eyrelles Tissus premises enter Window, we enter the paradise of matter. Colorful, dark, with pattern, without pattern, from France, Italy, Spain …

We find all the fabrics that could delight sewing enthusiasts. “We always try to be one step ahead in anticipating our customers’ wishes,” admits Camille and Geoffrey Issouléthe conductors of Eyrelles Tissus.

A journey around the world as a click

The couple from Paris have just left their luggage in Vitré, Bazin place. The work has just been completed, the 250 m² at their disposal fill visibly with tissue.

“We still have something in stock. Based on our old premises, we tried to empty our warehouse as much as possible to facilitate the move,” says Geoffrey Issoulié.

Previously, Camille and Geoffrey were based in Montargis, south of Paris, between Orléans and Auxerre. This is where these two great travelers launched the Eyrelles Tissus, in 2018.

We had just returned from a long trip around the world. We are both born in Paris, but we are not Parisians at heart. So we wanted to look elsewhere, and then sewing was a universe that united us both.

Geoffrey and Camille

Online store

Before starting their business, Geoffrey worked in the world of decoration, and Camille had an online background and experience in events, while being “passionate about sewing thanks to my grandmother and my mother.”

It was therefore after this world tour that made them discover new cultures that the desire to sell drugs was born.

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“We have noticed that in every culture there is a connection with textiles. It surrounds all communities and we are not even aware of it. But when we look around, there are textiles everywhere. On the curtains, our clothes, our sofas, etc. So in 2018, he launched their activity on the internet.

Our approach is to be a local business on the Internet. It may seem paradoxical, but we are very close to our customers. We communicate a lot with them via phone and social networks. We try to give as much advice as possible.

Geoffrey and Camille

Strong of theirs 4,000 followers on Facebook and 15,000 followers on InstagramEyrelles Tissus already has a strong community.

And when they arrive at Vitré, they also hope to develop locally and work with local actors of the seventh world.

“Initially, we had imagined opening a store in Vitré. But after deliberation, we told ourselves that this was not the heart of our project at the base. We researched the sector and we noticed that there was a real demand in the Pays de Vitré, for us it was a great opportunity to settle here ”, the couple continues.

And in Vitré, Camille and Geoffrey already have lots of ideas for develop sewing. Visits to their workshop once a month, private sales, meetings between enthusiasts, sewing workshops and even a large show dedicated exclusively to sewing on Exhibition.

We would like to organize this over three days. We have already contacted the town hall about this. We were already in the process of arranging a sewing fair in our former region. These are events where we only talk about couture. It is rare today because sewing is often associated with do-it-yourself, decoration, etc.


Search for employees

And this is not the only project for Eyrelle’s drugs in Vitre. The couple also wants to recruit “at least one employee” to form a team around the sale.

“The main task will be order preparation, but there will also be cutting, stock management … There is always something to do. »

On their side, Camille and Geoffrey go to meeting suppliers to find rare gemstones to put up for sale. “We go on with selection. We try to find things that we do not see elsewhere and according to what we like. For us, it is not really interesting to choose a fabric to make a garment that looks like your neighbor’s. We work a bit as if we made a cocktail with different and personal touches every time, ”the couple smiles.

The final development work has yet to take place in their new location. But a new page seems to be being written in Vitré to Geoffrey and Camille: “We found the city we needed,” the couple concludes.

Contact: Geoffrey Issoulié on 06 49 64 62 57 or by e-mail at the following address:

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