Emmanuel Macron acknowledges that he “failed to curb” the vote in favor of the extremists during his tenure

On the eve of his victory in the presidential election, on May 7, 2017, this was one of his promises to the French during his speech in the Louvre: “I will do everything over the next five years so that they no longer have any reason to vote for the extremes. » Five years later, Emmanuel Macron admitted his failure on this subject, on Monday 4 April at France Inter, and admitted that he “did not succeed”.

“There is a great disruption in our society. We have seen it with the pandemic, the disturbance of life and the ecological disturbance. Such a geopolitical disorder. The disturbance of consciousness associated with social networks … All this creates fear in our society. And them “Playing with fear gets up. So I could not stop it.”explained the presidential candidate on public radio, six days before the first round of the presidential election.

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But Mr Macron assures that he counts “continue the fight in this campaign” walks “to convince people there “Today, extremists are tempted to explain how extremes do not provide the right answer, that the fears that people have are sometimes legitimate, but that the real answer is different and that it can sometimes take time.”

“When we are afraid of migration phenomena, I think we must also defend what is in our DNA, that is, our duty to receive those fleeing a country at war, such as Ukrainians and Ukrainians today. “he continued as he secured it‘” at the same time “ it is necessary “to know how to fight illegal immigration. It is through this clarity, this demand, that we can respond to fear while having a Republican response.

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“Doodling policy”

At the same time, on Monday morning, one of the far-right candidates, Marine Le Pen, attacked Mr Macron’s balance for a long time, especially on his energy choices. While the RTE network chief urged the French to moderate their spending on Monday, “this means that in France in 2022, people will be asked not to turn on their lights or warm themselves”criticized the candidate for the National Rally (RN) on BFM-TV and condemned “a policy of scribbling on energy issues” from the head of state.

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“In fact, we stopped investing in the nuclear sector. He disrupted the nuclear industry with his messages, and today we are no longer able to heat all the French properly. It’s very heavy, it’s very seriousshe condemned. That is why I say to the French, “You know, the vote you are going to take on 10 and 24 April will not only decide the next five years, but the next fifty years”.. For the far-right MP, the incoming president will have “major strategic choices to be made with regard to reindustrialization, food independence …”. Before attacking the outgoing president’s balance sheet again:

“He wants to abolish nuclear power at the beginning of his term. He wants to revive it at the end of his term. He agrees with the decline in European food production at the beginning of his term. Today, he wants to give up this reduction in food production that the EU has imposed. But where does that lead us? But a leader who does not have a clear vision is pursuing a policy that is dangerous. »

“It feels like a kind of goldfish in a bowl, and we walk around in circles. We do, we regret, we change, we change, and this in all areas »she continued on BFM-TV, believing that Mr. Macron “has no vision, does not know where he is going”.

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