God Save Camilla: Portrait of a Future Queen

“The queen has blocked her back. When one is 95 years old and a little old, this kind of accident is common. However, the message issued by Buckingham Palace excites Britain in November 2021. For a few weeks already, the state of health per.Elizabeth II worry. Bad cold? tired? Fatigue? The sovereign seems weakened after a night in the hospital. So to quell the rumors, she promises to attend the Remembrance Day ceremonies, where she commemorates, among other things, the British deaths during the Great War. Alas, the same morning the palace warns at the last minute that the queen “is not able” to move. Back pain!

On the balcony of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where Elizabeth II usually performs on this very special day, three women represent her: Kate Middleton, Sophia of Wessex and Camila. Black feather hat, dark fur strewn with poppies – in tribute to those who have fallen in battle -, pearl necklace with three rows, the Duchess of Cornwall is perfect in her role, supported by her daughter-in-law and her in-laws, with whom she exhibits a wonderful understanding. The picture travels the world and heralds what will become the monarchical institution after the disappearance of Elizabeth II. A deadline that no one dares to imagine. Only the Queen sometimes thinks of the aftermath. Three months later, on the eve of celebrating her 70th government anniversary, she picked up the pen to mark her platinum anniversary with an unexpected news: “When my son Charles will become king […] my sincere wish is that Camilla becomes queen queen and can continue to serve with loyalty. »

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Camilla crowned? No one would have thought so a few years ago. The Duchess of Cornwall has long been England’s most hated woman, portrayed as a diamond digger, a naughty stepmother or a homeless person. But Elizabeth II and her subjects eventually reconsidered their judgment of the successor to the throne. “Britain is getting to know Camilla better,” the prime minister predicted David Cameron in 2010. “Defrosting was slow but stable,” confirms Chris Ship, royal commentator for the ITV channel. And if she’s still lagging behind in the polls – in tenth place after the Queen, WilliamKate or Harry – Camilla earns points every month: The heir to the throne now receives no less than 45% positive statements.

Between Charles and Camilla, love at first sight was instantaneous, but no one agrees on the story of their meeting in 1971. According to the cinema Isabelle River (Charles and Camilla, an English storyFayard, 2017), their mutual friend, Lucia Santa Cruz, would have played the matchmaker by inviting them both for a drink. “The power went out immediately […] Very quickly they started to see each other, ”the latter remembers. Another version: the two future lovers would have exchanged their first glance at the edge of a polo track. “My great-grandmother was your great-great-grandfather’s mistress. What about that? the young woman would have whispered mischievously in the prince’s ear, just to set the tone of this burning passion.

Cold “rottweilers”

Can Camilla be a princess? The Kingdom asked the question in the early 1970s. If Charles wanted it, his family did not show the same enthusiasm. Certainly, the new friend of the prince, from the lord, has qualities: By going back to his genealogy to William the Conqueror, we find kinship ties with the crown. But she is a year older than Charles, has a sulfur-containing reputation and is not a virgin. What disapproves of the devoted queen mother, mother of Elizabeth II, who reveals another candidate for her granddaughter, a young white goose by name Diana Spencer. In any case, Camilla rejects this position. She even broke up with Charles for the first time in 1973 to escape the princely life. Diana has always dreamed of a fairytale wedding. It took place on July 29, 1981. In Saint Paul’s Cathedral, all eyes were on the bride, stunning in her Botticelli-inspired meringue dress. But she sees only her rival, in a gray fascinator and veil, sitting in the fourth row.
Camilla is ubiquitous. Even when she’s not physically there, she hides in details: photos slipped into a notebook, cufflinks engraved with her initials …
“There were three of us in this marriage, it was a little too much,” Lady Di confides in her famous interview with the BBC in 1995. Charles tries to forget his former mistress, but fails to do so. Every night he calls her to tell her about his doubts and his torments. Camilla is more than a lover, she is his confidant, the only one who is able to comfort his deep melancholy.

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