his father stunned his mother to deliver her to strangers

Caroline Darian’s mother was stunned by her husband for years for raping her or handing her over to strangers. In a book, this woman warns about the phenomenon of chemical submission.

For ten years, Caroline Darian’s mother was sedated without her knowledge by her husband to rape her or extradite her to strangers. This dirty plan was brought to light a few months ago after a police investigation. In the coming book And I stopped calling you Dad *evokes the young woman “this mud,” as she calls it, and warns against this little-known phenomenon, which is chemical submission.

On September 12, 2020, Caroline Darian’s father was arrested in a supermarket in Carpentras, Vaucluse, after being caught filming under women’s skirts. The 68-year-old man has been released, but the search of his home and the analyzes of his digital devices make the simple news a much more miserable affair. “20,000 pornographic photographs and videos” are thus revealed. Among this content, dozens of movies showing his wife unconscious, raped by strangers. On November 2, 2020, the man was called back by police.

“My mother does not suspect anything. (…) She is waiting for her at the reception when an investigator asks to see her. We explain her gradually, with photographs of her naked, stunned, taken in her room with strangers. It is a traumatic shock “, testifies Parisian Caroline Darian, the couple’s daughter, who says she feels “a lot of sadness and anger”.

“These men knew it”

Caroline Darian’s father, whom she describes as “hypersocial, attentive” but also “borderline”, “arranges things in her own way”, had introduced a real scheme. He posted “very crude” pictures of his mother on a dating site to “recruit” men. The latter had to park far from the couple’s home, had to arrive without perfume, had to warm their hands on the radiator so as not to wake the unconscious wife. Forty men have been identified by investigators. Between the ages of 24 and 71, some say they did not know that their victim, who was allegedly raped a hundred times between 2011 and 2020, was unconscious.

“These men knew well what they were looking for,” Caroline Darian angrily condemns.

“He shared photo montages of my mother and me on the internet. It was also discovered that rapes had taken place in my own house, that my mother was being delivered to highway rest areas … It is total depravity,” the 43-year-old continues. woman who also says she was stunned by her father as well as photographed when she came out of the bath. But until the facts are revealed in 2020, the retiree’s family does not suspect such facts. There is this day when he was surprised by one of his daughters-in-law who masturbated in front of a computer, or this friend who had warned his wife about “inappropriate behavior”. But nothing so unspeakable.

“A public health problem”

For years, her mother’s health had worried Caroline Darian, who believes that if her father had not been arrested, her mother would have succumbed to drug use. From consultations with neurologists to CT scans, no specialist understood where this woman’s memory loss, insomnia, weight loss and even hair loss often “in a daze” came from. “Today, she does not know which man she lived with, and we do not even know what father raised us,” her daughter laments. For her, this unbearable story should make it possible to warn about the chemical submission, which is not limited to GHB during festive evenings.

“It’s a social phenomenon and a public health issue,” she recalls in the columns on Parisian while anxiolytics and antihistamines, drugs present in all medicine cabinets, are the ones most commonly used in cases of chemical administration.

For Caroline Darian, this ignorance about this phenomenon is also based on poor or lack of training for health professionals. “Anyone (doctor, The editor’s note) did not understand “, she sums up with reference to her mother’s successive doctor’s visits.” A toxicological analysis should have been performed. But how do you guess? Doctors find what they are looking for and seek what they know. They are neither educated nor sensitized to chemical submission. “Caroline Darian today calls for an” information campaign “on the subject.

*And I stopped calling you Dad, by Caroline Darian. Edition JC Lattes. Coming April 6, 2022.

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