her mother was stunned by her husband and then delivered to strangers

Caroline Darian’s mother was stunned for years, without her knowledge, by her husband, who handed her over to strangers. Today, this 43-year-old woman is publishing a book to warn about the phenomenon of chemical submission.

“There are women, I imagine, who ignore each other today. We need to talk about it, it needs to be communicated.” Caroline Darian’s mother was a victim of many years of chemical submission. Her husband unknowingly gave her anxiolytics and sleeping pills and then handed her over to strangers. Crimes he had filmed and preserved. This tragic family affair, this 43-year-old woman decided to make a book about it, And I stopped calling you Dad *to warn of this unknown phenomenon, prevent and protect other victims.

The 68-year-old man, with whom his family has severed all contact, was charged with “aggravated rape, sexual assault and administration of harmful substances”, and remanded in custody. At present, about forty perpetrators have been identified out of the 70 spoken from the videos. While it is common to have one perpetrator for multiple victims, it is rarer to have one victim and as many perpetrators. It’s going to be a complicated moment, ”Caroline Darian admits, referring to the lawsuit awaiting her family once the investigation is complete.

· BFMTV.com: Your father was remanded in custody on November 2, 2020. How did the police find him?

Caroline Darian: “The case is a miracle. The origin of the case is my father caught in filming under the skirts of three women in a supermarket. These three women will file a complaint and he will be placed in police custody. From the moment they will search his phone and it is on his mobile they will realize that it is much more serious than that. They will search his home and recover all its computer equipment. Behind it will be weeks of expertise, rigorous analysis. The police officers at Carpentras “police station simply took this case very seriously from the start and they did a remarkable job. If there are not these three women complaining, it went unnoticed”.

What do investigators find?

“We’re talking about 20,000 pornographic images and videos, mostly of my mother. Images showing a drugged woman being sexually assaulted. Everything was organized, orchestrated in such a way that there were no traces. The men who worked , made sure to shop as ‘clean’ as possible.We know they communicated by phone, went home.They did not smell of alcohol or tobacco.They had to wash their hands with hot water to avoid micro-awakenings.These people acted in full conscience.In any case, those who went as far as the rape knew well what they were doing.

What strikes me is that after the #metoo phase, after all these phases of termination, to see that we are still considering that a woman’s consent does not exist, that the man has the right look on his wife’s body. The majority of the authors are between 22 and 70 years old. We’re talking about people who have jobs who live, fathers, grandfathers, for the most part.

The charges against your father span a period from 2011 to 2020. At no point did your mother suspect what was going on?

“What you need to understand is that it was quite simple. It was in his glass of water at the table, for lunch or dinner, it could also be on his plate, from the moment the drugs were crushed and mixed. It was all absolutely deliberately. It was done completely without his knowledge. That kind of drug works relatively quickly enough. Behind it could lead to several hours of unconsciousness. In the end, it was at least several times a week “.

Still, she had consulted doctors?

“My mother had lost a lot of weight. She lost her hair a lot, she was anemic. Her sleep pattern was completely out of order, she suffered from insomnia. My mother saw three neurologists, general practitioners. It is clear that she had her exam routine. She saw her gynecologist at least twice a year.It went completely under the radar because health professionals are absolutely unaware, or even trained, to detect this type of case.We can not, you can not imagine what you do not. when you see a woman in her sixties, you can not imagine that she is potentially stunned by her own husband.The evidence is that it could have happened, and not just once, but dozens and dozens of times.

What drugs did your father anesthetize your mother with?

“With anxiolytics and sleeping pills. Family medicine can become the perfect arsenal for rapists. The question that arises, and to which we do not yet have an answer, is how he could get so many drugs? It raises the question of better control or more. vigilance in the way medicines are dispensed today.

It could have been a tragedy, my mother could have fallen into a coma, had a cardiac arrest, associated with an overdose ”.

With your book you want to increase awareness of the phenomenon of chemical submission …

“Chemical submission, in people’s minds, is limited to GHB in a glass of alcohol in a bar, and especially in the student population. Not at all! Chemical submission is much broader. Loss of consciousness is the first thing that should warn health professionals A woman who tells you , ‘I do not remember what I did the day before’, should automatically trigger a toxicological analysis.If we had been alerted, it would never have lasted ten years.

The goal for me, above all, is that this supernatural, extraordinary, quite exceptional affair can serve the purpose. “

This “non-standard” affair occurred in a family that you describe as “normal”..

“Before that there had been no visible dysfunction. We were a normal, happy family, I would even say exemplary. We had the picture of a united family. My parents had left the Paris region to settle in Vaucluse. My mother was “a very active person. She worked until she was 63 years old, she held a responsible position in a private company. At no time was my mother affected. The submission was primarily chemical”.

Do you also think you were a victim of your father …

“There are images that I think I myself have been subjected to chemically. That is why I have filed a civil lawsuit in this case. The instruction will do its job, but it actually raises questions.”

After the “earthquake” and the “shock” of the revelations and the “doubts” that continue, how is your family today?

“You learn to live with it. It’s not easy, that was also why I wanted to write. It also has a therapeutic function. My mother is an upright woman who is strong, dignified, and who tries to move on every day. ., to have a normal life even though fifty years of her life lie behind her.She is a straight forward woman who is waiting for the end of her education and who is waiting for this lawsuit so we can continue with to live as well “.

* And I stopped calling you Dad, by Caroline Darian. Edition JC Lattes. Out Wednesday, April 6.

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