Gaming: ‘Kirby and the Forgotten World’ is the pink candy apocalypse

Always so sweet and overpowered, Kirby tries her hand at 3D. A pampering for the little ones.

Nintendo’s famous pink mascot is already celebrating its 30th birthday. For the occasion, she returns in a whole new adventure. Until now, the little pink ball has always been limited to two-dimensional platform games, largely inspired by Mario Bros. games. But “Kirby and the Forgotten World” assumes a passage to the 3rd dimension and therefore allows you to explore the levels of your leisure time.

The first videos of the game’s communication left some doubt: many players were hoping to see the license move to the open world. And therefore go from a game divided into a series of levels to a large single space that can be explored up and down.

Traditional structure

Finally the structure of the game remains quite traditional. The world map is divided into sectors, which in themselves consist of levels. At the end of each of these sectors, a “boss”, a particularly strong enemy, awaits Kirby. Once the boss is defeated, the player enters the next sector.

The inhabitants of the planet Pop, Kirby and his comrades, Waddle Dees, are sucked into a vortex which teleports them into a new world.

The story also seems pretty classic: the inhabitants of the planet Pop, Kirby and his companions, Waddle Dees, find themselves sucked into a vortex that teleports them in a new world. Why and how, players will only understand later. At first glance, this new world seems inviting. That the vegetation is lush and the colors sparkling. Very quickly we realize that this world is very similar to Earth. But it seems desolate for a long time. We thus visit an abandoned shopping center and an equally deserted amusement park. In all these areas, nature has re-emerged. wild animals and vegetation has invaded the concrete structures and metal and thus regain their rights.

In “Kirby and the Forgotten World”, wildlife and vegetation invaded the concrete and metal structures, reclaiming their rights.

Ode to Japanese “Kawaii”

Despite these broken sets, “Kirby and the Forgotten World” is an ode to Japanese “Kawaï”: Kirby and his companions seem straight out of the Sanrio manga who we owe Hello Kitty or Aggretsuko. Even the local wildlife, wild dogs and rabbits have big-eyed baby faces. They would not denote stuffed animals in a children’s room. Hard to resist in light of so much sweetness, most of the characters are adorable.

“The little pink ball is actually something of a fighter. If it has no attack to speak of, the creature can swallow anything and everything.”

That’s exactly what Kirby wants to do. For behind its innocent appearance, the little pink ball is actually a hell of a fighter. If it has no attack to speak of, the creature can swallow anything and everything. And then the enemies. The smaller ones, when swallowed, can act as a projectile when Kirby spits them out. Once swallowed, the toughest allow Kirby to use their powers. Swallowing an armed dog will e.g. give Kirby a blunderbus that will be able to attack his targets more easily. Above the levels we can then Gather a host of powers and improve them little by little.

Little news, Kirby will even be able to engulf certain elements of the decor, such as vending machines or even cars to unlock more powers. In these cases, shoot his enemies using cans or cross the level with top speed.

Trailer “Kirby and the Forgotten World”

Suitable for the youngest

This character superiority has existed since its inception in 1992. At that time, the game was over a much easier alternative to the game “Mario Bros.”, which it is largely inspired by. We jump from platform to platform and eliminate enemies along the way. But where it’s rarely forgiving to miss a jump in “Mario”, it’s not the big issue in “Kirby” as the character can fly. This greatly facilitates the task of the players. Being able to suck up enemies also greatly reduces their danger.

This new game lives up to the series’ reputation for ease and is especially suitable for younger and newer players who want to learn the basics of three-dimensional platform games.

This new game is therefore not missing in the series’ reputation for ease and it will therefore be special suitable for younger and beginners who want to learn the basics of three-dimensional platform games. The game also includes one multiplayer mode where another player can take the controller to embody a Waddle Dee, who will lend a hand to Kirby to further simplify his progress in the adventure.

The story ends quite easily. But each level is filled with optional goals to free up more companions. These goals are mostly well hidden and often asks to restart the level several times to discover all its mysteries. Secret space hidden behind a destructible wall, hidden access behind boxes, search messages to destroy, etc. Nintendo demonstrates its expertise in level construction and design to reward the exploration of the most seasoned players.

The apocalypse according to the video game, a logical formula

The choice of a post-apocalyptic setting in this “Kirby” is not innocent. This kind of universe has been found in some of the most popular video games for years. “The last of us” which causes players to evolve into a post-apocalypse zombie USA, “Fall out”role-playing that takes place after a global nuclear war, “Days gone”a game in a post-pandemic USA or even “PERSECUTE” which places the player near Chernobyl after another nuclear power plant reactor explosion. Examples are therefore not lacking and have even multiplied in recent years.

“The post-apocalyptic game genre, which captures a kind of loss of faith in the current Western system, became hyper-popular in the mid-2000s. With games like ‘Fallout’ and many zombie games,” recalls Björn-Olav Dozo, lecturer at ULiège and co-founder of Liège Game Lab. “It is no wonder that Nintendo is taking over this framework. The Japanese company has a great ability to customize and digest popular codes while adapting them to sweeter universes. We can, for example, quote “Luigi’s Mansion”, which adapts horror games to its own sauce, or “Mario Kart”, which offers a reunion with the racing game.

Rebuild the story yourself

The genre is not limited to video games. We can of course mention “Mad Max”, which laid the foundation, the novel “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy published in 2006 or the success of the cartoon “The Walking Dead” and their adaptation into a TV series. But this kind of ruined universe sticks especially to the video game and its narrative. Since society as we know it has disappeared, the player discovers extracts of information while exploring. We dig up a diary note here, an audio cassette there, and we try to reconstruct the story of this universe ourselves. This non-linear narrative therefore gives the player more freedom.

A post-apocalyptic world also makes it possible to offer enemies that the player does not want too many scruples to eliminate. Who will be moved to knock out zombies with a shovel? Similarly, especially bloodthirsty human enemies, as they come from an ultra-violent society, are closer to the monster than to the human. Because these works have the special feature of showing a harsh world in which man has again become a wolf to man.

This violence obviously does not permeate Kirby’s universe. “This sweet, low-stress apocalypse is a Japanese peculiarity,” notes Björn-Olav Dozo. “This image, very present, of a return to nature is a way of showing that it regains its rights after the destruction of the world caused by human madness. It is a form of obsession related to the trauma of the atomic bomb. Unlike Western post-apo works, Japanese works have a rather positive view of the return to nature. Quite similar to the return to the state of nature that Rousseau theorizes. ” And it is true that without a spoiler there is a bit of it in this “Kirby”.

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