Carcassonne: saturated, animal boarding forced to put dogs on waiting list

Thirty abandoned canines are waiting for a box to become available for them to take in.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that the SCPA refuge in Berriac has sounded the alarm due to the number of livestock. But by Vincent Roucoules’ own admission, we had never seen it. “The frequency of leaving dogs has not decreased since last summer”explains the technical manager of the site. “We still get five calls a day from people who want to bring an animal to us, and since we’ve also done more research, we also house more dogs that have been removed for abuse.”. Result: more than a hundred dogs (including a dozen puppies) are waiting to find a new home. The maximum that the shelter can accommodate … which forces those responsible, very reluctantly, to reject animals now without a master.

Vincent Roucoules, technical manager of the refuge.
The Independent – BOYER Claude

“We have opened a waiting list where there are more than thirty dogs”, says Vincent Roucoules. A brand new device that clearly illustrates the saturation threshold that the site has now reached. “Depending on the period in which we are called up, we try to set up a follow-up with the people, an accompaniment … In short, to find a solution”. But how do you explain this enduring phenomenon of abandonment? Vincent Roucoules may see it in part as a consequence of the Covid crisis and especially periods of incarceration. “There has been a change in the last two years in the relationship between dogs and humans.says the official. In the same way that couples have exploded, the relationship between some gentlemen and their pets has become strained due to a drastic life change. A dog that used to be alone and free ended up with a human 24 hours a day, or on the contrary could not stand it when the owner suddenly left him to go back to work. “.

A dog is not a garden gnome

Yet the refuge also notices among its inhabitants, “an increase in scared dogs, or on the contrary a little nervous”. animals there “have a past”and requires “a little more work before it becomes available to any family”. Especially since “When you start rehab, you do not know how long it will take or if it will work”. In other words: a certain number of housed dogs are not immediately compatible with an adoption, and staying longer on the spot … prevents the release of crates to other abandoned animals. “We do not practice killing related to the dog’s behavior”insists Vincent Roucoules.

10,000 euros monthly veterinary expenses

Added to this is “a relatively low adoption average”which can be attributed in particular to the sometimes exaggerated demands of potential adopters. “Some people come with really specific desires. They may tend to forget that a dog is a living being and not a product, and that an adoption is first and foremost a matter of love.”. In the case of households tempted by the abandonment of their four-legged companion, the leader reminds them of their guidance that the coexistence of man and dog is also a matter of “patience”. “Problems often stem from a lack of understanding and communication. A dog is not a garden gnome, it requires time and investment.”. Yet global societal trends are currently reflected by a suffocated refuge in Carcassonne: a situation that is not without impact on its economy either.

“The more dogs there are, the more our expenses increase, and we are in the redsummarizes technical manager. At present, our veterinary costs amount to 10,000 euros per month “. A situation that has become unbearable for everyone: At a time when the animal issue is frequently covered by the media, only a sincere change of mentality could finally reverse the trend.

Dog abandonment has not dropped since the summer of 2021.

Dog abandonment has not dropped since the summer of 2021.
The Independent – BOYER Claude

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