Will Smith, forever unhappy?

Will Smith is a successful actor who recently won the first Oscar of his career for his role in the film “The Williams Method”. But when we talk about Hollywood stars, we are also interested in what affects their personal lives. In the case of Will Smith, a story about his wife’s infidelity has recently caused a lot of ink to flow.

In fact, in 2020, young American rapper August Alsina dropped a bomb by claiming during an interview that he had a romantic relationship with Will Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith. How did Will Smith experience this infidelity?

A youthful infidelity that marked the mind of the actor

This is not the first time Will Smith has been cheated on by a woman he loved. In an interview with Star magazine, he admitted that he had been cheated on by his girlfriend when he was 15. This had the effect that he gave him a very bad opinion of himself and that he always needed his family’s opinion to feel reassured. “I was around 15 when my boyfriend at the time was cheating on me with someone else. It took me months to recover. I told myself I was good for nothing. “, he confessed. Adding:” I still have some aftermath from this episode. I must always be reassured with my abilities ”. He ended up saying “With each new relationship, I prayed to God that the beautiful stranger would be the one who would love me and make this pain go away.

Years later, Will Smith has moved on. His meeting with Sheree Zampino, his first wife, brought him some emotional stability. The actor needed a relationship where there was no room for infidelity, despite some rumors suggesting the opposite a few years later. But Sheree Zampino even insisted on dismissing these rumors, saying their divorce is taking place for other reasons. “Our marriage ended because we were too young.” She also believes Wills’ ever-growing career may have had something to do with it. “Will got bigger and bigger with his career. I got smaller and smaller, ”she said.

Although Will Smith, according to Today, admitted on RedTable Talk that the divorce was the worst in his adult life and that he suffered a lot because of it, he quickly found himself in the arms of what until then seemed to be a beautiful stranger who would love him and make his pain go away, in this case Jada Pinkett.

Jada Pinkett, the beautiful stranger who was supposed to make Will’s pain go away?

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett met on the set for the series, then played by Will Smith, The Fresh Prince of Bel’air, when Jada auditioned for the role of Will’s girlfriend in the series. Role, which was denied him because of his small size. If the young actress for the production did not have the criteria to play the role of the actress’ girlfriend, she immediately caught sight of the actress who seems to have seen in her her criteria.

After some time without seeing each other, Will Smith went on the set of Different World to be able to meet Jada, who had obviously not come out of his head. But when he arrived, it was Sheree Zampino whom he met, married 2 years later and had a child the same year. Despite Will never wanting a divorce, Sheree finally filed for divorce on Valentine’s Day in 1995 and got it in December of that year. What to say, the Oscar-winning actor knows the crushing heartaches.

Meanwhile, his feelings for Jada never died out. He crossed her again the same year as his divorce and married her two years later.

Yet another case of infidelity is going to tarnish Big Willy’s sensible cured illness

In 2020, a young American rapper named August Alsina, who the Smith family helped after a depression, confirmed in an interview that he had a romantic relationship with the wife of the lead actor in “The Williams Method.” This news had the effect of a bomb in the world of cinema and especially in the minds of those who have always seen a model in this couple.

Some time later, Will Smith and his wife Jada insisted on speaking openly about the topic of the program, which hosted on Facebook the latter “The red table talk”. After this open and public discussion of the couple, despite the two actors confirming their love and their participation by paraphrasing the famous line from the movie Bad Boy “We ride together, we die together. Bad marriage for life”, fans and Internet users always thought that the couple would not be able to recover from this episode.Two years later, they are still together.

But another event calls into question the couple’s stability. In fact, during the 2022 Oscars, Will Smith beat MC Chris Rock over a joke about his wife’s haircut, which actually has alopecia, a condition that causes rapid hair loss. . Recent comments from those around him suggest that Will acted under the pressure he feels to get better in his marriage after his wife’s infidelity. A completely plausible hypothesis, when we remember the promise that the actor gave himself after suffering his first infidelity, to always make sure not to have to live any longer with the suffering associated with the infidelity of a woman he is in love with.

All this to say that the ancient demons of infidelity have brought back the doubts that Will nurtured about his personality, his need to be reassured, and about the fidelity that has always characterized his marriage until then.

And as if to put fire on the fire in this great ordeal for the Smiths, the former lover of Jada, August Alsina, is said to be working on a book in which he will tell all the details of his relationship with the woman of the now Oscar -winning actor.

There is therefore reason to wonder whether Will Smith is not a forever unhappy man.

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