Emmanuel Macron asks for “dialogue” after being questioned again about his pension reform

On the second day of the two-round campaign, the debate is still about the legal retirement age. Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday, April 12, confirmed his desire to “discuss” of his pension reform project, while his opponent, Marine Le Pen, condemned one “maneuver” elector.

“My project remains my project, I do not want to tell you here that I change my mind from one day to the next, on the other hand I am open to discussion and I am ready to have review clauses”explained Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday during a trip to Mulhouse (Haut-Rhin), where Jean-Luc Mélenchon came out on top after the first round.

The day before, the outgoing president had said he was open to discussion about his pension reform project – which in particular allows for a gradual postponement to 65 years of legal retirement age during an interview with BFM – TV on the sidelines of a trip to Hauts – de-France. He also said he “not excluded[ait] not a referendum on any reform ”including pensions.

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“It’s too tense”

“There’s a horizon point that’s 65 in 2031, but if there’s no agreement on this and I feel it’s getting too tense, I’m ready to have revision clauses.”he added Tuesday. “I will immediately discuss it with the political forces and with the unions and be able to see what we are doing”he explained, pointing out that he “will say[t] in the coming days “ the result of these discussions. After giving up his pension reform over the last five-year term, the outgoing president wants to continue implementing it if he is reappointed for another term, even if it involves adjustments.

“It is not true that we can finance our social model if we [ne reporte] does not” he launched on Tuesday during his discussions with the people of Mulhouse, arguing that such a reform was particularly crucial to make it possible to finance addiction and to set a bottom line for pensions he wants at € 1,100 for a full career.

“Nothing to expect from Macron”

For his part, Marine Le Pen had considered Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday morning “will go[it] at the end “ retired at age 65, if he is re-elected, see in the amendment of his project “a maneuver” towards left-wing voters. “I have no confidence in Emmanuel Macron, but no one, and even less ten days before the second round” of the presidential election, she said at France Inter.

“There is nothing to expect from Emmanuel Macron in this area. In fact, retirement as a 65-year-old is his obsession: he only talks about it, he only thinks about it, and he was very sorry in the last five-year period not to be able to implement this reform.added the candidate for the National Rally.

While journalists pointed out to her that she too had changed her mind over time, first promising retirement at the age of 60 with forty annuities before planning it only for French people entering working life between the ages of 17 and 20, she argued she for that she “do not change your mind in two days”.

“All the French are extremely intelligent, everyone has understood that it is Emmanuel Macron’s maneuver to try to regain, or at least dampen, the opposition from left – wing voters.”she said, pointing in particular to her promise of a possible referendum when“he’s never used it in five years”.

Jordan Bardella, the acting president of the National Rally, also criticized France 2 a “reverse machine” of the presidential candidate for “prevent part of the left from returning” at Marine Le Pen in the second round.

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“Listen to people”

On the left, MEP La France invited insoumise Manuel Bompard Mr. Macron to say “clear things”. “If Emmanuel Macron wants to address our constituents – for example, he opened the door to a referendum on pensions – then let him say it clearly, let him commit”he said in the public senate.

On Tuesday, the entourage of outgoing President Emmanuel Macron defended developments in the issue of pensions. “It is always important to know how to listen”convicted Prime Minister Jean Castex on RTL and stressed it“it is necessary to implement a pension reform” because “if we do nothing, the risk of pensions falling”.

Asked about Franceinfo this morning, Gérald Darmanin also defended the development of the candidate president’s proposal. “Is this a step back?” asked journalist Marc Fauvelle interior minister. “It’s called listening”replied Gérald Darmanin.

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“A pension reform? Yes, you have to make one. Why ? Because we live longer. Because you have to pay for what is called autonomy, that is, dependence. People who are getting older and who need to be supported, all of this is very expensive. And at the same time, if you will allow me this expression, we must listen to the social question.assessed the one who is close to former Republican President Nicolas Sarkozy, who on Tuesday made it clear that he will also vote for Emmanuel Macron in the second round.

“The President of the Republic went so far as to say that he could, I put it conditionally, propose it to the referendum. I also think it is an opening for all those who do not want to vote for him, for his project.delighted Mr. Darmanin. “The first round and the second round of the election are there to listen to the people (…). We can not pretend that we have not seen the results of the first round of the presidential election. “he exclaimed, analyzing it “Mme Le Pen and Mr Mélenchon both hold almost 50% of the vote. there is a message given by the French “.

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For his part, Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said he had “the hope that a compromise can be found, that an agreement can be reached between all French people and their representatives, the social partners, on a pension reform that is fair and solid”.

Faced with the possibility of going through a referendum, he judged on CNews on Tuesday that he “It is better to find compromises. Afterwards, if there are no other solutions, the President of the Republic has not ruled it out, so it is not ruled out.”he added, referring to a popular hearing.

“At the end of the fifteen days [de campagne] we will be 55 [ans] »mocked Franceinfo Jean-François Copé (Les Républicains), who on Sunday evening called for Emmanuel Macron to vote in favor of “to hit” Marine Le Pen. Former LR Eric Woerth, who now supports Emmanuel Macron, denied him at RMC anyone “setback”looks rather “flexibility”, “willingness to dialogue”.

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