his gripping tribute to the 1st man in his life

Olivia Gayat made her lovers’ eyes and her fans shine with moving publications. But first of all, let’s remember how the public knows this lovely young woman who manages to make a name for herself on social networks. This most readers will not have avoidedObject, Olivia Gayat is part of the large Gayat family. One of the star families in the TF1 program, Large families: life in XXL. And for more than a year now, the young woman and her lover have started their own family by giving birth to the adorable little Kayden. In fact, his daily life is just as important as that of his parents or his brothers and sisters for fans of the show. The feeling was therefore at its peak when Olivia Gayat shared the photos of her religious wedding on her Instagram account!

Olivia Gayat shakes the web of emotions

It is now more than four years since the eldest daughter in the Gayat family has been in a relationship. And that with the man of her life. In addition, she has been a mother for more than a year now. Probably also ready to start a big family. Clearly, this is only happiness online. For his family, but also for his fans elsewhere. And if it is not done yet, writeObject wishes all the best to Olivia Gayat and her husband, Sorachadi. They form an adorable couple, and the images that the young woman shared on her social networks undoubtedly betray all the love that exists between her and the man of her life.

Since April 2, a few photos of the couple’s religious wedding had surfaced online. And they obviously agreed. But this April 8, it was new releases that could only disturb Internet users with emotions. In fact, Olivia Gayat edited some video clips and some images to create great content. But she also made a special dedication to the one who was and will forever remain the first man in her life, her father. It is difficult for the relatives and the public in the Gayat family not to let their emotions speak, you will understand.

This April 8th was therefore a new inauguration for this milestone event. Olivia Gayat also specified that her husband and she had not yet been married at City Hall. It was a religious ceremony, “hlel”. An equally important step for the couple, who were able to reunite part of their respective families to celebrate their union. In fact, Olivia Gayat was like a real princess. And her husband was also dressed as a prince based on the pictures she offered to see on her social networks.

A tribute that disturbs Internet users

But Object do not hide from you that it was also something else that filled internet users with joy. Especially this tribute, which Olivia Gayat paid tribute to her father, and which was particularly touching. In fact, the public got to know Olivier and Soukdavone, Olivia’s parents, in the TF1 program. Large families: life in XXL, showed in particular that the parents of this large family were very attached to each their children. They met young people and faced all sorts of difficulties. To finally touch happiness when they had children. From then on, it could only be a great moment to see their daughter, Olivia Gayat, find love in turn, start a family and get married.

“Married yes, but I will not forget the first man in my life, @oliviergayat my father.”, Olivia Gayat wrote in the caption to one of her publications on April 8th. A release where two amazing photos showed the father and daughter embracing. The devotion is palpable in the light of these images. Some of the readers ofObjectfans of Large families: life in XXLwill also be able to read the joy of Olivia Gayat’s father unequivocally.

As Olivia Gayat thanks life for all the gifts it gives her, she clearly gets tears in the eyes of those who love her. Now internet users are eager to see the young woman marry her husband at City Hall. As well as discovering the pictures of the party that would take place next time. According to what she tells her subscribers, it will be necessary to wait one to two years before this new event. “My dream would be to get our whole families reunited for this wedding, so of course we need to get organized well in advance to bring my treasure family. »she said, as reported by our colleagues from the magazine Purepeople.

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