People in Shanghai are still angry about the authorities’ anti-Covid policy –

Shanghai on Monday eased anti-Covid-19 restrictions in some neighborhoods. For weeks, Chinese authorities have faced growing discontent following a very strict incarceration that locked 25 million people in their homes, caused food shortages and forced thousands of people into isolation in specialized centers with unsafe conditions. .

In total, more than 40% of the megalopolis residential areas now allow exits within a limited perimeter. This relief comes as pollution has fallen for the first time since the start of this new wave. According to official figures, 23,000 cases were reported on Monday against 26,000 on Sunday, which was a record.

However, not everything seems to be under control, but for the authorities it seemed difficult to wait any longer as the population’s dissatisfaction, frustration and anger are palpable.

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“You are inhuman”

For some Shanghainese, this strict confinement has already lasted for more than five weeks. From balconies and windows one has in recent days been able to hear shouts and calls to bring the confinement to an end.

Videos posted on social networks also testify to the surrounding dissatisfaction that this man, in the phone with the authorities, who considers this treatment “inhuman” and believes that the decision makers are pushing “ordinary people to rebel”.

At the head of a small business, he can no longer work, has no more money and is no longer able to pay his employees and worries about the repayment of his credits as well as his food reserves, insufficient.

“I have nothing to do with it anymore! Let him come and get me, the damned Communist Party! Besides, where is he? And what is communism then? Sal ******! You do not worry about ordinary people! “, we can hear him say in a video shared on the networks and translated into English (See above).

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An annoyance to curb the Communist Party

The Communist Party, for its part, is trying to stem this anger, which is currently mainly located in Shanghai. Social networks are cleaned of critical comments about the situation and dissatisfied people are warned.

Warnings are also found in the public space, where very clear instructions are displayed on screens: “beware of your language or be subjected to severe punishment”, “do not express opinions online in connection with the pandemic”, we can, among other things. read.

At the national level, as in Wuhan in 2020, the media praises the actions of the authorities, which are bearing fruit. New screening campaigns should also allow a rapid drop in infections in the coming days.

Pending confirmation of this improvement in health, the other major source of concern for the party remains the economy. What costs is Beijing still willing to accept, as many other cities across the country in turn adopt drastic new preventive measures?

What are the risks for Xi Jinping?

The situation in Shanghai seems to clearly show the limits of the zero-Covid strategy in the light of such infectious variants. The anger and boiling sensation also shows an increasingly general fatigue on the part of the population.

RTS was able to contact a few Chinese nationals residing in Switzerland. All describe the fatigue and tiredness of their family members who remained in China, while most of them said they were very proud of the country’s health policy until then.

Some experts also believe that the current situation would be one of the biggest political challenges for the current Communist Party general secretary Xi Jinping. However, these conclusions probably seem a bit hasty. During the imprisonment of Wuhan, intense and growing dissatisfaction had also been noticed. With its propaganda power, the Chinese Communist Party had finally managed to turn the situation to its advantage and relinquish its method as a total victory. Nothing says it will not succeed again in the case of Shanghai.

Radio report from Shanghai: Michael Peuker

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