Sending text messages in Eric Zemmour’s name to members of the Jewish community: an open inquiry

Two associations had announced at World filed a complaint for illegal registration. A preliminary investigation was launched on Tuesday, April 12, in Paris following a complaint from two associations over text messages from Eric Zemmour’s party, aimed at French voters of the Jewish faith on the eve of the first round of the presidential election. , a source close to the file. The Paris Public Prosecutor’s Office confirmed the opening of this investigation into personal data offenses.

An SMS signed with the candidate’s name was sent to many mobile phones in France on Friday night, a few hours before the election break, referring to a page published by the Reconquest party! which showed a text explicitly addressed to French Jews.

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“Following a complaint from the UEJF and the J’accuse AIJI association, an investigation was launched today into the charges of withholding, storage, registration, transfer of personal data outside the cases provided by law, communication to third parties without permission and misuse of the purposes of a personal data file “, the prosecution said. The investigations were handed over to the Personal Crime Suppression Brigade (BRDP), this source also added.

“We welcome the opening of a preliminary investigation, we are waiting for all the light to be shed on this affair, which we consider scandalous. We will go to the end, the process is completely unacceptable. We are waiting for justice to be done.”responded to World Marc Knobel, president of J’Accuse, one of the two associations that filed a complaint.

The Penal Code punishes with five years imprisonment and a fine of 300,000 euros creation of a file that reveals religious beliefs or racial or ethnic origin without the consent of the person concerned.

The National Commission for Computing and Liberties (CNIL) had already opened an investigation following this investigation. CNIL decides “the processing of personal data which reveals (…) religious beliefs “ is “forbidden”unless “the data subject has expressly consented to the processing of such personal data for one or more specific purposes”.

The text message was received on Friday by Frenchmen of the Jewish faith and sent by Eric Zemmour's campaign team.

“Ten thousand text messages”

“Will we be able to live in peace for a long time in France? (…) Your children are counting on you. “ wrote in this SMS the candidate for the Reconquest party! in the presidential election. Inside this message, a link to a campaign page for the far right polemicist containing a long text titled “Message from Eric Zemmour to Frenchmen of the Jewish Faith”.

The far-right polemicist, who won 7% of the vote on Sunday, presented himself as “the only one who condemns the expansion of Islam that is ravaging our country”. “The anti-Semitism that kills today is Islamic”he added.

Asked by BFM-TV, Eric Zemmour’s team had confirmed that they were behind the broadcast campaign “about ten thousand text messages” which linked to the candidate’s web page.

One of the leaders of the Reconquest campaign! had assured the news channel that this policy processing had been set up with the help of a personal data broker who buys databases to trade with them.

“The process is terrible”

“We are impatiently waiting for the police to do their job”said M.and Stéphane Lilti, who lodged a complaint with the Union of Jewish Students in France (UEJF). His colleague M.and Sacha Ghozlan, who filed a complaint with the J’accuse Association, condemned it on TwitterTuesday, “the most massive use of lists of names of Jews since the Vél’d’hiv roundup”.

“A presidential candidate dared to establish or fraudulently obtain a secret case with tens of thousands of Jews [ou réputés tels] with their telephone number, which constitutes the most massive exploitation of nominative lists of Jews since the collection of Vél’d’hiv “, the lawyers of the two associations wrote in their complaint that The world be able to consult. “The process is disgusting, inadmissible and unforgivable. We are shocked and even worried that such a thing is possible. We know only too well what the constitution of a file means to accept this kind of thing,” he said. also condemned Marc Knobel, president of the J’accuse Association, to World.

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