the tracks from the Social and Solidarity Economy Lab

Published on April 12, 2022by Caroline Megglé for Localtis Economic development, Social economy and innovation, Energy, Environment, Digital After “smart city”, place in “low-tech city”? The Social and Solidarity Economy Lab (ESS) recently published a study entitled “For low-tech and solidarity metropolises – A simpler, more sober, more human city”. Carried out with the assistance … Read more

BSE in Emmaüs furnishes homes for insecure people

Banque Solidaire de l’Equipement d’Emmaüs enables people in precarious conditions who have access to their first home to adjust to low prices. A significant step towards well-being and self-esteem. After spending six months at the Palais de la Femme, a social residence for isolated women in Paris, Yaba Brigitte Cissé, a 36-year-old caregiver, was able … Read more

Between victories and unfinished battles, the Common Front for Social Justice is 25 years old

Improved social assistance This is the lobby group’s latest victory: significant changes to New Brunswick’s social assistance program. Last fall, Social Development Secretary Bruce Fitch announced that welfare recipients will be able to keep up to $ 500 in earned income each month, plus half of the rest of their income. A marked improvement over … Read more

The scope of the CSE expert’s mission

In accordance with the terms of Article L. 2312-26, I, of the Labor Code, the annual consultation on the company’s social policy, working conditions and employment concerns the development of employment, qualifications, the multiannual training program, the training actions envisaged by the employer, apprenticeship, reception conditions for internships, preventive measures with regard to health and … Read more

Ségur de la santé: The government unveils the professions affected by the recent revaluations

Explanations are welcome. During a meeting with the employers’ and trade unions representing the social education sector, the government on Friday, April 8, unveiled the list of occupations that will be affected by the next wage increases in the framework of Ségur de la santé. As a reminder, on February 18, during the conference for … Read more

changes for advertisers and strategies to be implemented

Meta has just announced many changes within the Facebook Ads administration: what will change for advertisers? In March, a major update to Facebook management regarding interest targeting was rolled out. This was intended to remove all targeting criteria that could be considered sensitive or discriminatory. For example, it is now impossible to target topics such … Read more

about the car, social vision for Le Pen and environmental vision for Macron

Let’s continue the comparison of the Macron-Le Pen programs before the second round. On the car two opposing visions. It is Marine Le Pen’s heat engine (petrol or diesel) versus Emmanuel Macron’s electric motor. This is also one of the rare industrial issues that they are really against, because otherwise they both defend:e nuclear, hydrogen … Read more

what are your rights?

By Chantal Pacôme April 12, 2022 . Unemployment benefit from Pôle Emploi gives a worker who loses his job the opportunity to receive financial assistance to cope with his situation. To be eligible for unemployment, the employee must not have resigned voluntarily without a vocational retraining project. On the other hand, an employee in a … Read more