“If we rationalize the romantic relationship, we will lose our humanity”

yahoo In her latest book, “From Soulmate to Tinder” (ed. Larousse), Éliette Abécassis explores all the subtleties of the new generation’s relationship to the romantic relationship. For her, more than anything else, enchanting love is necessary for humanity to survive. “Because love touches the very essence of man.” And to do this, it would be … Read more

ENHYPEN’s Jungwon talks about the importance of thinking carefully before adopting a pet Soompi

Jungwon recently talked about his dog and the importance of treating his pets well. While far too many people are still leaving their pets today, the member of ENHYPEN gave an interview to Weverse Magazine on the occasion of the International Puppy Day, which takes place on March 23rd. Weverse Magazine revealed an interview with … Read more

some animals also have emotions

You will also be interested [EN VIDÉO] Animal intelligence: the elephant would pay attention to its body An Asian elephant has excellently passed an intelligence test that a two-year-old child fails: you can not pull a blanket if you are on it. Made by the association Think Elephants International shows that the elephant is aware … Read more