WC 2023 – European qualifiers: SWEDEN, SPAIN and FRANCE qualified, GERMANY lost

While Sweden, Spain and France won the first UEFA zone tickets to the next World Cup, Germany, who could do the same, lost to Serbia (2-3) and are waiting. Italy, for its part, has passed Switzerland. Denmark awaits Russia’s fate Group A: SWEDEN snatch a draw and their qualification The Swedes led to the score … Read more

“I do not know if love makes you blind, but hatred certainly makes you deaf”

Today, because it resonates tragically in Ukraine, in the absurdity of a fratricidal conflict, it is crucial to understand where the hatred comes from. Fruitful analysis by the philosopher Philippe Saltel. What is hatred? For more than twenty-five years, Philippe Saltel, professor of philosophy, has questioned this “odious passion,” as he calls it, through the … Read more

Exhausted by the business world, these 25-30 year olds who leave everything to become coaches or soprologists

After a difficult start to their careers, sometimes marked by a burnout, some decide to devote themselves to well-being, their own as well as that of others. A complex retraining, where not all subjects are created equal. Ellen hesitated, consulted, asked. She then resigned, at age 27, to begin the five-year studies required to become … Read more

“War is first. Before trade, before love.”

For this art and war historian, the latter has been ubiquitous since the beginning of mankind. It has been the subject of an artistic-literary work. Oral work, theWar encyclopedia is built once a month live in front of an audience of enthusiasts during conference performances at the Center Georges Pompidou in Paris (1). A company … Read more

The unstoppable way to get out of a toxic relationship

By Mylene Bertaux Published on 21/05/2016 at 07:00, Update on 23/05/2016 at 15:32 By better understanding our emotions, we can act on them and achieve a satisfying emotional balance, according to Marion Blique, author of I left toxic relationships. Photo Getty Images No, our relationships are not meant to be complex, strained or toxic. By … Read more

These signs that prove you have a toxic friendship

Some friendships, whether recent or decades old, are not always good and benevolent. A psychologist and a psychoanalyst help identify a friendship that is hurting. Friends who send spars, derogatory remarks to which we must be held accountable, which are conspicuous by their absence when we need them, but demand our full availability … to … Read more

Should we as a couple also be best friends?

By Tiphaine Honnet Posted on 17/11/2021 at 09:00, Update on 17/11/2021 at 11:30 Is friendship an advantage or a stone in the shoe of intimacy? Getty Images To be able to trust everything, to enjoy a strong bond, to live in osmosis … Some consider their partner as their best friend. Is this a sign … Read more

sexuality without taboos at the Series Mania Festival

By Marion Geliot Published on 15/03/2022 at 15:49 Identity. tender meat, this is the story of Sasha (Angèle Metzger, with her face in the middle), a teenager with a special fate: she is neither quite a girl nor a boy. The suffering that lives in her will force her to go and meet herself. Jerico … Read more