Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen diverge on the referendums, not on the seven-year term

Published on: 04/12/2022 – 19:14Changed: 04/12/2022 – 19:15 Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen, both on the move, discussed on Tuesday the possibility of amending the constitution without going through parliament. However, the center-right candidate and the far-right candidate agree on a possible return to the seven-year term – which was stopped in France from … Read more

“A comforting religion, removed from the administration of the world, excludes itself from this world”

The question of the articulation of the Christian faith with political commitment has always arisen. Are we not, in fact, led to question the topicality of the Christian message, its vertical dimension, but also the horizon it offers us in our relationships with people, with the earth, with the living? This relationship can take the … Read more

“When the church talks about political issues, it’s not very audible”

The cross : Where does the “social doctrine” come from? Jacques-Benoit Rauscher: From the encyclical Rerum novarum from Leo XIII in 1891 until the Second Vatican Council, this doctrine was built in a way on the ruins of Christianity. In a world in the process of industrialization, democratization, the development of new political regimes, there … Read more