“Some countries have used Covid-19 to restrict freedoms”

Amnesty International’s latest annual report, released on Tuesday, March 29, reveals that the continuation of the pandemic and the escalation of conflicts around the world have exacerbated human rights violations and inequalities. Especially in the Middle East and North Africa. On Tuesday, March 29, Amnesty International published its annual report on the human rights situation … Read more

two police officers killed in an attack claimed by the organization Islamic State

Published on: 28/03/2022 – 03:00Changed: 28/03/2022 – 13:57 Two Israeli Arabs identified by the Jewish state intelligence service as local Islamic State agents have been killed after an attack in Hadera, northern Israel. Two police officers, one of whom also had French citizenship, died in this attack on Sunday night. At least two police officers … Read more

in Lebanon, the Great Depression

Hiba (1) pulls nervously on his cigarette before crushing it with a gesture marked by irritation and fatigue. The drawn features and brownish bags under the eyes contrast with the smiling face of a wedding picture placed on a pedestal table in this modest living room. The image of this carefree young woman belongs to … Read more