outcry after the tragic death of a pregnant woman in the hospital

“The death of a pregnant woman in hospital after what the local press presented as a long pain and a refusal of care, arouses significant emotions in Senegal, and presses the head of state to respond and promise”all the lighton this drama. also readVenezuela: more than 200 died in hospitals due to power outages The … Read more

At Le Prêcheur, voters are worried about “the future we will leave to our children” – All the news from Martinique on the Internet

In 2017, at Le Prêcheur, Marine Le Pen came out on top in the first round of the presidential election. Five years later, we went to the small town in the Northern Caribbean, which was waiting at the ballot box on Saturday for 14,448 voters. Some of them express this kind of “absolute necessity” to … Read more

“I do not know if love makes you blind, but hatred certainly makes you deaf”

Today, because it resonates tragically in Ukraine, in the absurdity of a fratricidal conflict, it is crucial to understand where the hatred comes from. Fruitful analysis by the philosopher Philippe Saltel. What is hatred? For more than twenty-five years, Philippe Saltel, professor of philosophy, has questioned this “odious passion,” as he calls it, through the … Read more

Scottie Scheffler is no longer alone in the world in Augusta

Treated by Cameron Smith, Scottie Scheffler still retains the lead of the Augusta Masters after a third round in icy and windy conditions. With a full -9, the world number one is only three strokes ahead of the Australian. From our special correspondent in Augusta, Mittens and micro down jackets were released this Saturday in … Read more

Disabled people report sexual violence and are very poorly received by the police

Jacqueline (1), 31, is deaf. Between January 2020 and October 2021, she went four times to the gendarmerie to lodge a complaint against her husband for forcible imprisonment, domestic violence, malicious emails, death threats and invasion of privacy: “I showed an email from my ex that said, ‘I want to dry you, kill you.’ And … Read more

Towards ecological social security to ensure our resilience

A senatorial inquiry mission looked at the first bricks in the construction of an ecological social security. The current system, which is outdated, needs to be developed to take into account environmental risks and their prevention. We share the observation that there are more and more environmental risks, that we must evolve to ensure that … Read more

The Moroccan Social Security Project set up as an example for West Asia

New research from the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for West Asia (ESCWA) emphasizes that there is clear evidence for the link between the reform of social protection systems and multidimensional poverty. Highlighting the Moroccan experience shows the approach to this crossing, used by university researchers Abdelkhalek Touhami and Dorothee Boccanfuso, that the project … Read more

“We had a fight, I pushed her and she fell down,” the accused is said to have told his ex

Six years after Julita Bénard’s disappearance on July 29, 2016 at the Etang-Salé abyss, her alleged killer appeared before a jury. On this first day of trial, Claudia Lauret’s personality, who denies the facts, has been thoroughly studied. It turns out, according to the criminology expert who examined her in 2018, that Claudia Lauret is … Read more

More than a billion people worldwide are affected by Russian war in Ukraine, says UN chief

Russia’s war in Ukraine,in violation of the UN Charter“has implications in 74 developing countries affecting 1.2 billion people,” said UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Tuesday, April 5, at the opening of a Security Council meeting. LIVE – Ukraine: Russia prepares to take “overall controlof Donbass, according to the Secretary-General of NATO “Our analysis shows that … Read more

Little, Hatem, me neither / France / Little / SOFOOT.com

After a virulent outing on the sidelines of LOSC’s sad draw against Bordeaux (0-0), Hatem Ben Arfa could no longer wear the LOSC jersey. A result that, if anything, will mark the end of the career at the highest level for the 35-year-old volcanic attacking midfielder. In Lille, rue Faidherbe, which connects the Place du … Read more