outcry after the tragic death of a pregnant woman in the hospital

“The death of a pregnant woman in hospital after what the local press presented as a long pain and a refusal of care, arouses significant emotions in Senegal, and presses the head of state to respond and promise”all the lighton this drama. also readVenezuela: more than 200 died in hospitals due to power outages The … Read more

Climate change and social inequality: What is the context?

Climate change is also about social inequality between rich and poor. In fact, the richest households emit much more CO2 than the poorest. According to the third part of the report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the richest 10% of households account for between 36 and 45% of total greenhouse gas emissions. … Read more

Disabled people report sexual violence and are very poorly received by the police

Jacqueline (1), 31, is deaf. Between January 2020 and October 2021, she went four times to the gendarmerie to lodge a complaint against her husband for forcible imprisonment, domestic violence, malicious emails, death threats and invasion of privacy: “I showed an email from my ex that said, ‘I want to dry you, kill you.’ And … Read more

Social, emotional and physical well-being, overall reward trend

Requests from companies for support to update their overall compensation policies are reaching a peak. (Photo: 123RF) TOTAL COMPENSATION. “My mailbox explodes, it’s unheard of in terms of workload! Mélissa Pilon, CHRP, consultant and founder of Rémunération & Co can not believe it. With inflation, labor shortages and changes caused by the pandemic, requests for … Read more

The Moroccan Social Security Project set up as an example for West Asia

New research from the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for West Asia (ESCWA) emphasizes that there is clear evidence for the link between the reform of social protection systems and multidimensional poverty. Highlighting the Moroccan experience shows the approach to this crossing, used by university researchers Abdelkhalek Touhami and Dorothee Boccanfuso, that the project … Read more

France, this social democracy without social democracy

Frenchmen in the main square of Spezet, next to the official posters of the presidential candidates, during Emmanuel Macron’s visit on April 5, 2022. ©Ludovic MARIN / AFP Reforms and political projects If a certain number of opponents think that in Emmanuel Macron they see a liberal (even ultra …) delivering the French to the … Read more

“We had a fight, I pushed her and she fell down,” the accused is said to have told his ex

Six years after Julita Bénard’s disappearance on July 29, 2016 at the Etang-Salé abyss, her alleged killer appeared before a jury. On this first day of trial, Claudia Lauret’s personality, who denies the facts, has been thoroughly studied. It turns out, according to the criminology expert who examined her in 2018, that Claudia Lauret is … Read more

More than a billion people worldwide are affected by Russian war in Ukraine, says UN chief

Russia’s war in Ukraine,in violation of the UN Charter“has implications in 74 developing countries affecting 1.2 billion people,” said UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Tuesday, April 5, at the opening of a Security Council meeting. LIVE – Ukraine: Russia prepares to take “overall controlof Donbass, according to the Secretary-General of NATO “Our analysis shows that … Read more

Optimize the social protection of traders and professionals

In a press release published by the National Coordination of the most representative professional bodies regarding the signing of a framework agreement on partnership and cooperation with the Directorate of Taxes, the National Social Security Fund (CNSS) and General Trade, the coordination stated that to ensure “optimal and correct implementation of the overall professional contribution, … Read more

“There is a need for a public debate about the national press”

– The extraordinary public support for news organizations in the context of pandemics has been welcomed by many critics. What do you think ? The support given to the media during the period of the Covid-19 pandemic spread is a good decision because the media is not only a for-profit company, but rather a social … Read more